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Ouija board? What is it and are people really stupid enough to believe in this stuff?

One of my friends showed me an Ouija board, but we didn’t use it. He told me basically the idea of the entire thing, and he told me that it’s complete BS because one person moves a needle or something like that.
What exactly IS it? Do people legitimately think that there are evil spirits that surround this thing?


  1. I think an Ouija board is something from African or Caribbean culture where the user tries to communicate with the dead people or spirits by holding a hand on some object like a arrow, piece of glass, or a needle and presumable the spirit moves their hand over the alphabet that is on the board (maybe symbols) and what it points to should be the message from the spirits.
    I don’t think any of it is real. But if it were it would definately be the devil’s trick which would definately would be evil because all dead souls go either to heaven or hell so whatever talks to the person is bad.

  2. I did it once and my fucking tabble started shaking i was like dude wtf so i burnt it cause it scared the shit out of me

  3. I lost the little plastic piece in the middle of my Ouija pointer. Now it doesn’t work anymore. Apparently you can only contact ghosts with the plastic discs, the board itself is useless.

  4. Yeah people think that some magical spirit/dead person takes control of their muscles and spells out a message.
    So why can’t I just tell the spirits to go ahead and type out a message for me on my keyboard? Do they really need some cheap piece of mass produced plastic to do their work?
    People can be ridiculous sometimes. The reason these boards can actually work is because when people are “allowing” the spirits to move their hands, they are actually just moving the pointer to where they subconsciously think the spirit would have wanted to move it.
    As an example lets say you let the thing move around for a second and it lands on ‘k.’ Then as you allow it to move around randomly it lands on “i”. My god! that could be spelling “kill!” Thats something a mean ghost would spell right?
    Before you know it you’ve moved the dial to “l” then “l” again. Its all in your head. When more than one person has their hand on it this effect just gets magnified.

  5. Haha, well it was not caribbean or african or anything it was made in the 1890’s by Americans as a way to make money. It uses the ideomotor effect, basically your subconscious moves it. You can prove this as well because if you do it blindfolded it comes out as gibberish, not words at all.


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