Osho Samaya : Ashram in The Bush

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Samaya is a Sanskrit word, and Sanskrit is hard to translate! It is used for commitment to the path, for the realization of buddhahood, and for the sacred bond between disciple and teacher — perhaps the inner teacher. We like one poetic understanding of Samaya: living in the heart.

Meditation is an intrinsic part of the lifestyle at Osho Samaya Ashram and contributes to enhance the vital energy of the participant and the Ashram as a whole.

Osho Samaya Ashram is an Experimental SCHOOL FOR LIFE open to people who are young in spirit and energy and who are ready to learn to live their life at the maximum of joy, creativity, sensitivity, awareness, passion and a deep connection to nature.

The longer your stay at the Ashram the more mature and prepared you will go back to the material world, with new fresh vibrant physical energy, centered in your emotions and clarity in the mind.

The following is an example of Osho Samaya daily meditation program.

7.00am Gathering in the presence of Swami Prem Samaya
(all participants come together to create the heart of the commune)
8.00am Breakfast
8.30am Meditation in Action (learn how to be fully present in your daily activity)
12.15pm Sitting with Swami Prem Samaya in silence
1.00pm Lunch (delicious vegetarian)
2.00pm Fun Meditation (free time to be creative according to your preferences, eg reading, music ,painting, dance, yoga, walking in nature, group visits nearby magical natural sights etc)
4.00pm Meditation in Action (learn how to be fully present in your daily activity)
6.00pm Gathering in the presence of Swami Prem Samaya
(all participants come together to create the heart of the commune)
7.00pm Dinner (delicious vegetarian)
Fun Meditation
(eg. watching inspiring documentary’s, films, playing music and enjoying being with each other)

Website: www.ashraminthebush.org.au

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