Osho Nisarga : A Meditation Center in the Himalayas

Osho Nisarga is the name of a new osho meditation center built near Dharamsala, with a scenic backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas, amidst lush green natur and singing streams.

Ecological in concept and design, and already functioning as a new model of Osho’s holistic vision of life.

Osho Nisarga international team is dedicated to developing Osho Nisarga into a unique Himalayan paradise which pays homage to Osho’s message: that meditation, healing and aliveness are most easily nurtured in the ‘temple of nature’.green nature, singing streams,

Osho Nisarga is being established as a true 21-century oasis. In response to a growing demand from seekers from all over the world, it is being developed independently as a non-profit center and is built on a solid foundation of many years of experience in international commune management.

Website: www.oshonisarga.com

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