Osho Osho Centres

Osho Manjusha Meditation Center

Visiting the Manjusha Center means plunging into a very special field of energy which has grown over the years and comes alive through meditation and work on the consciousness. Out of this source grows our constantly changing diversity of offers -and everyone is invited to take part in it according to their own possibilities.

Today, the Manjusha belongs to the most important places of meditation in Eastern Germany.

Schmiedeberg is situated half an hour’s drive from Dresden. The Center comprises an area of 30,000 sqm, surrounded by old trees, meadows and a pond. The power, silence and intensity of nature can be clearly sensed there and invite you to abandon yourself to its spell – to relax and recharge your batteries.

The beautiful meditation hall “Osho” is situated at the hillside, alongside the stream are the new timber-made community houses and there is also one big building with kitchen, dining rooms, offices, reception desk, internet café and a small health centre.

The beautifully equipped guest rooms invite you to feel home. Our guests are carefully attended and cared for. They are also allowed to take part in the daily life of the Commune or in other events.

Website: http://www.oshomanjusha.de/