Osho Osho Centres

Osho Gondwana

Located near Byron Bay on the sub-tropical east coast of Australia. It is situated two kilometres from Tyagarah beach with wonderful views from east to west of Cape Byron and Mount Warning.

They hold meditations (Dynamic and Kundalini regularly), keep bee hives, share community meals and participate in many community events. Focused on personal and spiritual growth, they aim to achieve a harmonious balance between individual and community. Speaking of community, their decisions are usually made by consensus.

Their way of living together is particularly inspired by Osho yet other influences and experiences are welcomed and embraced.

Traveling guests are welcome and they are rooms to rent for A$ 35 per night. A great way to learn more about this community, maybe even on a stopover on the way to the Gold Coast and Northern Territories. Australia is a vast country … should you be inspired to visit, come along with a lot of time to live it out!