Osho Devavani Meditation

Devavani means “divine voice,” the energy of existence which moves through the meditator, who becomes an empty channel of expression. If done in the evening, it deeply relaxes the mind and creates a profound sleep and inner peace.

Devavani meditation lasts for one hour. There are four stages of 15 minutes each. Keep your eyes closed throughout.

First Stage: 15 minutes

Sit quietly while the music is playing.

Second Stage: 15 minutes

Start making nonsense sounds, for example “la la la” and continue until unfamiliar word-like sounds arise. These sounds need to come from the unfamiliar part of the brain used as a child, before words were learned. Allow a gentle conversational intonation; do not cry or shout, laugh or scream.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Stand up and continue to speak, allowing your body to move softly in harmony with the sounds. If your body is relaxed the subtle energies will create a Latihan* outside your control.

*Latihan: a surrender to spontaneous, unstructured movement

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes

Lie down. Be silent and still

“When the unconscious speaks, the unconscious knows no language. It is a very, very old method. It comes from the Old Testament. It was called in those days glossolalia, and a few churches in America still use it. They call it “speaking in tongues.” And it is a wonderful method, one of the most deep and penetrating into the unconscious. You start with “la, la, la” and then you can go on with anything that comes. Just for the first day you will feel it a little difficult. Once it comes, you know the knack of it. Then for fifteen minutes, use the language that is coming to you, and use it as a language; in fact you are talking in it. These fifteen minutes will relax the conscious mind so deeply, and then you just simply lie down and go to sleep. Your sleep will become deeper. Within weeks you will feel a depth in your sleep, and in the morning you will feel completely fresh.”

OSHO: Yoga: The Mystery Beyond Mind #6

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