Almost everybody gives everybody else advice. — ‘Do this’, ‘do that’, ‘this is right’, ‘that is wrong’ and so it goes, on and on… How would it be if we would live our lives without listening to all these well intentioned suggestions and “Behave as if we were the first here”? — “Start living as if you don’t know how to live. Nobody is there to teach you, no guidelines exist. No books exist which say how to do this, how to do that. You are just left alone on an island. Everything is available: Intelligence is within you, instinct is within you, intellect is within you, intuition is within you. Now start moving.” —

About Osho

Osho is a enlightened mystic whose wisdom, clarity and humor have touched the lives of millions of people around the world. His insights are creating the conducive atmosphere or ‘ Atma-Sphere ” for the emergence of what he calls the ‘New Man’ or Zorba , the Buddha — the combination of celebration, dance and song of Zorba and the silence, stillness and meditation of the Buddha, the meditation of the East and the materialism of the West. Zorba the Buddha is a totally new human being who is an awakened one, and he is life-affirmative and free. When someone asked Osho the definition of religion, Osho replied: To be in romance with life is religion.



  • “Death doesn’t not exist” true….if you’re happy, you will always be happy even if you’re dead or alive

  • gracias po osho y sus enseñanzas que nos trajo a mazatlan a traves de tirak y de himalaya, saluddos, besos y abbrazos de andrea

  • Se que todas las enseñanzas de Osho como el decía no podrán ser transmitidas mas que hay que vivir la propia experiencia. Ojala y algún día no muy lejano aparezca otro maestro como el, de hecho puede ser cualquiera de sus seguidores porque nosotros conocemos algo de ese secreto tan hermoso 🙂

  • i really do love and respect this man but it is curious to me this ornate watch he wears seems completely alien to everything else about him. why would such a man even need a watch?

  • ok but i get so many mistakes i cant stand up, i never will stand up.
    i will lay on the ground and die.
    At mornings when i wake up i remember oh no the hell is back.
    in the daytime i wish to die, i lay alltime on my bed and will never stand up.
    at night after sundown i feel much better…
    i will never try something, often i fall down.
    i dont know what is enjoy.
    i dont like to take a part of life.
    im not poor or else.. but life is shit

  • I see the need for words that will activate us, not compartmentalize who we are. Sometimes it seems to be better to stay totally ignored rather than be lumped into a category. I think it’s better to be seen, but be a scintillating mystery to all who see me.

  • What’s the make-up on this guy? He acts like he knows nearly everything about life and some weird church.

  • Good question. Heres the answer – Osho always believed in both Materialism and spiritualism. He always wanted to bridge material life and spiritual life. We need both luxury and simplicity. Hence he’s wearing a diamond wrist watch. He talks about this in some video. Hope you got it 😛

  • i was wondering the same.. but then in one interview when he was asked about the expensive watch he wears, he said that he actually don’t need it, but his people keep on givin him expensive gifts, even if he keep saying that he don’t need anything

  • . my friend u need to devolop courage and explore the possibilities of life , if u will not run in the race you will not lose or win . dont wish to die , because what u have is a gift , the gift of consciousness inside a living body . everything including courage and whatever father OSHO said is within u . if u dont use it , it will be a total waste , atleast follow the path of karma and make your soul meaningful and one day you will kiss death and vice versa .

  • I’m sitting here wondering where you get this from… do not project yourself onto the face of other people especially not onto a man like osho.

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