Organizing a Book of Shadows?

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I’m trying to organize my book of shadows into sections and such to make things easier to find. Does anyone have a basic idea for me of how i should do this. for example what sections, etc. Thanks.

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Initially, organize it by date, and use an index and/or table of contents to find what you have added.
Since it’s a book of shadows, it should be largely concerned with ritual practice and what you have learned…liturgy, including any liturgy you write. It should be connected to the date, as the lit is connected to the date. It should be a book that allows you to practice your religion, tomorrow, if you forgot everything you’ve learned.
If you want a book for ahem.. “things” like spells and charms, or “magical experimentation,” that should be a notebook, where you write EXACTLY what you did, and EXACTLY the results, and how you have and will replicate them.
Unless by book of shadows you just mean a metaphysical notebook and journal, instead of a book of shadows, in which case do whatever the heck you want.

Carlos J
This link has a very general and basic structure and content for a Book of Shadows. I assume you have read books on the subject, and various of them have tips on this.
And remember that a Book of Shadows is your personal reference of your religion, and you should make it however you feel it should be. 🙂
Blessed be )O(


It really depends on what you have already in your book. It wouldn’t make sense to put sections into your book on certain areas if you don’t have any information about it. Perhaps make a section for records, a section for practice, a section for materials you wrote, and a section for information/articles you found (remember to cite sources and give credit).
Here are some suggestions borrowed from here: bookofshadows.doc (remove space between slash and “book of shadows”)
Sample 1:
A Dedication
A protection spell for the book
A blessing
Table of Contents
Glossary of terms
Traditions in Wicca
Magickal Ethics — Wiccan Rede, Laws of Return, etc.
Beliefs and Doctrine
Correspondence Charts
Listing of Books and Sacred Texts
Divination Studies
Healing studies
Web-weaving (a list of contacts)
Sample 2:
-Book title and date
-Book blessing
-General index
—Magical rules and principles
—Goals and Aspirations
—Dream and divination records
—Classes and experiences
—Spells incantations & prayers
—Rituals and Ceremonies
—Herbal remedies and Potions
—Closing thoughts

Mahogany Black

Thanks for this information….What’s a correspondence chart?
Thanks again…


Hi M.B,
A correspondence chart would be, for example, a chart of the moon cycles and what spells correspond or relate to them. It can also relate to various planets and such. I wish you the best of luck.
Blessed Be )O(


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