Oprah Winfrey a spiritual leader and an example of morality???





NO WAY!!!! How could she be considered a spiritual leader??? Is she an ordained Minister, Rabbi or Imam? NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Oprah is a freaking talk show host who happens to be extremely successful at what she does. She also has a tremendous ego, which takes away from her overall character in my opinion. Anyone remember when she gave away a free car to everyone in her audience a few years ago? HELLO???
The free cars she gave away came from out of her own pocket. The small gifts she gave away, (i.e. toasters and alarm clocks) were from her sponsors.
Oprah also defended Bill Clinton when he claimed oral sex was not real sex.
Just a reality check liberal boneheads!!!


  1. I thought it was obvious that the crew behind the scene were the people that made the show an extraordinary success and it was the luck of the draw that Oprah became host. I do agree with others that her continuous interruptions to feed her ego is annoying and at times frustrating when viewers would like to have heard more from the guests. I thought Oprah was entertaining as a TV host for 25 years and would of course accumulate wealth. From TV host to world spiritual leader, I am finding the thought difficult to entertain, but when you have that kind of wealth to buy your own network I guess you can portray yourself as being whatever ideal image you fancy. The number of people that can be so willing and easily manipulated through the wealth of others never ceases to astonish me.

  2. Oprah is a woman who cares about other people. Her confidence and her mannerisms are what have made her successful. She does not have to give to others all the time the way she does. Do you know of any other talk show that has paid off people’s student loans, gave away cars, gotten them interviews for jobs so that they could support their family? She has made her money, she doesn’t have to do what she does, she does it because she loves it and she’s good at it. She has to ask sponsors to participate in those types of shows. And they do it because they know that they will get more publicity off of her show in that one instance that in three months of marketing campaigns. She sets the example that people should care about each other. She is an example of what love and compassion in one can do for others in need. Have you ever seen Donald Trump give away anything? How about George Bush? These are all people with money also……Oprah has a good heart and she thinks of others. End of story.

  3. She is an example of the morality that the current culture wants to hear from. It would be counterproductive for Oprah or whomever to go against the culture and conduct herself in a way that could possibly lose an audience. Remember that much of what she says attempts to sensationalize a topic so as to create “drama” and controversy, which of course leads to higher ratings and an increase in viewers, which in turn increases sponsors, etc. I personally do not believe that she is or is trying to be a Spiritually or moral teacher, I think that in her own way she tries to tap into the pulse of mainstream America and exploits it for Television and puts topics on the “table” for viewrs to think about.
    I believe that the problem lies with the viewers who are looking for answers in a world and a life that is sometimes difficult to navigate through and they will listen to just about anyone that will give them hope or a “break” from their daily routine.

  4. Yeah, I took the lame survey and didn’t agree with any of their answers! I’m on the fence with Oprah, I like her generosity even if it is from sponsors, but I don’t like how much she showboats. She has helped millions though.

  5. She’s a good moral example for the most part. I do disagree with her belief that there is no absolute truth. That’s a bunch of crap. And I would have loved to get a free car from her, even if all it did was bloat her ego.

  6. I totally agree with you. I read that article on Yahoo News and laughed. She’s very egotistical…every show she does, she always has to butt in and make it about HER, and not about her guests. I think her success has definitely gone to her head. Today’s show is about HER FREAKING GARDEN! Give me a break. Who cares? Why would I wanna see how I’m never gonna be rich like her??

  7. she is just a women with alot of money. All the gifts on her show is from sponsors and not from her own pocket

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