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Opening the Third Eye (Chakra right?): Good or Bad?

What is opening the third eye chakra? Do you see another demention or plane of reality? Does it allow you to use psychic powers your brain has not been able to use up until unlock? Would you be able to see magical creatures like fairies or dragons or whatnot or is that something else? Would taking LSD help open your third eye? Are there multiple third eyes? I’ve heard there are three different ones to unlock (I might be getting this confused with something else)?
Don’t go and tell me stupid offences like “THOSE THINGS DON’T EXIST HAHAHAHAHAHA” It’ll just irritate me, just because you don’t let it be real doesn’t mean it isn’t. Also telling me that Jesus is the Way and Magic is Evil also kinda irks me, but not as much. Please be mature, I respect all beliefs, trying to understand something about this chakra or eye.
Answer any question I asked, answer as many questions as you can. Any info is awesome, so answer it up!
I listen to Tool actually and wanted to go to a Tool Concert tomorrow. I actually think that the song Third Eye by them is all about taking LSD and it forcefully opening one’s third eye. I’m trying to find out if this is bad or good really, or if opening one’s third eye naturally is good at all. I heard that opening your third eye could just really be good control of your penal(sp) gland in your brain which releases DMT. Is that all right?
Yeah, Why should I be afraid to open my Third Eye? What are the cons?


  1. It means enlightenment; that’s my understanding. Like in the term buddha means “awakened one”. It doesn’t embue any paranormal abilities.

  2. if your third eye opens you are all knowing aka enlightened. Listen to TOOL and watch their videos and you start to understand

  3. “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.”
    – Deuteronomy 18:10-11
    God made these practices abominations because since He has made it clear that prayer is the only acceptable way to get His attention, who else do you think answers you in the alleged psychic world and the attempts to open things? Satan and his demons masquerade as beings of the light and deceive many. Don’t be one of them.

  4. There is no such thing as a “third eye.” Psychedelics can be useful in exploring your own subconscious and understanding your own psychology, but it sounds like you are more interested in either fostering or amplifying some sort of spiritual delusion.

  5. its great if u open it. The Third-Eye Chakra represents your ability to visualise, and your insight. You rely very much on your intuition and gut feelings, and you may find yourself fantisizing or day-dreaming regularly. You value the opinions of those around you, but you’ll always have the last word. Be careful of slipping into a world of fantasy, or becoming confused easily..

  6. Opening the third eye chakra enables you to attune to and communicate with other spiritual realms and gives you the opportunity to use their knowledge and wisdom. It is used in psychic readings, mediumship and other divination tools.
    There is nothing bad about it, contrary to what others believe. Of course there are always those who will misuse an ability for their own advantage, but the fault lies with the person doing wrong, not with the ability itself.
    When your third eye is open, you may have experiences including being able to see spirits who have passed over and other types of experiences. Some do and some don’t. I would not recommend using drugs to bring this about. Do regular meditation and make sure all of your chakras are open. Reiki practitioners can do this for you as well as other healers. You can also do it yourself. Check your New Age bookstore for more information.

  7. Yes, something like LSD can open it, but it will be very short lived. While you do gain insight and understanding from the experience, it probably isn’t the lifelong quest you are after. Purposeful meditation on the other hand can.

  8. Hello I myself is searching for the answer to full enlightenment. LSD will not help u at all its a halucinagin…errrrrrrrrrrr however u spell it hahaha..on the other hand extracting dmt. from natural plants will def boost ur expirience. that process is illegal…..of course with the conditioning n control y would they want u to use more than the given 10% of ur brain…. I have so much info on this topic so feel free to email me bc this is kinda incriminating lol not to sound paranoid!

  9. since u asked for genuine info i’ll tell u so all ears here.as already said by others third eye is actually the 6th chakra(there are 5 chakras that come before it as well) and being able to open the 6th chakra is an achievement that only a few people on the whole planet have.being on 6th chakra means all the cosmos are working for the good of you,u will have spiritual experiences pleasant than nethng else,but u wont be able to open it unless the core of your soul isn’t pure and LSD wont do nethhng u need a spiritual guru who has himself awakened the 6th chakra by meditation and the most important thing when a human being opens his 6th chakra(third eye) he frees his soul from the cycle of birth and re-births and that happens when a soul’s good and bad karmas come into equilibrium and thats the destiny of around 7 billion souls on this planet right now. try meditating on the heart chakra first.

  10. My third eye opened naturally after I was painting a picture. Since then I have seen lights and some strange sights with my eyes closed. I don’t recommend forcing the third eye to open because it opens you up more to the spirit world and could make you vulnerable to attack from negative spirits. If it does open naturally, as mine did, you need to be more vigilant of the spirit world and how its energies can influence you.

  11. i remember when i got high off weed my first time , i think i opened my third eye by accident .. i felt like i was God , i felt like i can see anything . i looked down every thing looked tiny too me i felt BIG . i felt like my whole soul went to the top of my head & my eye vision was in a 360 sphere ball !


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