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Opening & balancing chakras?

I know that you can balance your chakras through meditation and I have tried it . I don’t completely understand though . I have read about it . Can some one please explain to me everything they know about chakras . ? How do you know if you have balanced or done anything with your chakras . ? Is it true that by opening your crown Chakra you can experience another person’s experience as if you were inside them . ? Has anyone ever done this . ? I really want to try meditating again but I just need help understanding . Please help


  • Everything they know? That would take a thousand infinities, as what we know about chakras is constantly developing, every day.

    Quantum Healing, specifically newer disciplines such as Quantum Elbowology seeks to channel our life forces, concentrating them via the elbow chakras that are central to our mid-cortex region. This opens up the base chakra, discontinuing negative reverse flows and allowing optomization of chakra balance zones.

    You’ll chakras will be balanced when you know they are balanced. This is a one-way implementation process; once the obstructions are overcome then balancing will be spontaneous.

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