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ôô Can you write a little poem that includes these words?

spiritual awakening
perfect prayer
desperate measures
sweet reward
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  1. Give me Lord, tonight I pray
    The gift of living one more day
    Shower upon me from Heaven above
    The sweet reward that is your love
    Is this the perfect prayer?
    of that I’m unaware…….
    But it comes from my heart.
    at least that’s a start.
    My spiritual awakening has come at last
    Like doves at weddings, I release my past!

  2. after my so called spiritual awakening
    i went in search
    of the perfect prayer
    i looked in the bathtub, under the fridge
    i even considered going inside the sewer system
    for that glorious prayer
    calling its name frantically
    like a mother looking for her lost child
    and like that mother
    i would have gone to the ends of the earth
    for that one stupid little prayer
    desperate measures, i know
    but one heck of a sweet reward
    one day, i watched a flock of doves being shot at
    and something inside of me twisted
    how stupid
    there wasn’t such a thing as perfect
    the whole spiritual awakening had been trashed
    because of my obsession
    perfect prayer indeed
    i buried the doves
    like a child
    i put popsicle stick crosses on each of their little graves
    and said a prayer
    not a perfect prayer
    not a thoughtless prayer
    just a prayer
    like white feathers
    floating down from the sky
    the blood of innocent doves falling–
    an outrageous yet pure rain on my parched, delirious soul.
    …pretty good for someone who isn’t religious, hmm?

  3. As I lay me down to sleep,
    My Fathers sweet reward I keep,
    The knowledge of a spiritual awakening,
    It is mine, for the taking.
    Doves, a sweet reward, and a symbol of love,
    As I whisper a perfect prayer, to my God above.
    Desperate measures I will not take,
    Not this time for goodness sake.
    A little peace on earth I wish you friend,
    Moments of laughter and joy that has no end.
    May the sun shine brightly on your darkest days,
    As you’ve touched my life in many ways!


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