Home Discussion Forum Only seeing blue and yellow auras sometimes?

Only seeing blue and yellow auras sometimes?

when I’m looking at people around my classroom the either have a blue or yellow outlines, when I try to look at them I see them. And when a stare at an object for a bit i can see an aura coming from it….which can be almost any color. Any reason why this is happening? It has just started and im in middle school.


  1. read the book A Mango Shaped Space. its about the same thing! its a really good book and i wish this sorta thing happened to me sometimes. its some sort of condition thingy… i can’t remember what its called… oh!! i think its called Synesthesia, google it maybe…

  2. i just think it is the lighting or an optical illusion when you look at things a certain way because i sometimes see blue/yellow around things in certain lighting . just an optical illusion.
    i think it “just started happening” because maybe you are more bored in school.


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