One of my charaka is blocked; How do I unblock my charaka and get rid of negative energy?

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concentrate on that chakra…..breathe….consciously think about opening it up, filling it with white light (or violet flame). Love it!!! Breath it, enhale it……..let the light shine through you, let the light fill your entire being up.
You can also use music…meditation music (sound chakras if you know anything about them). Visualize the color of that chakra (if you know which one is blocked). Envision the swirling, the motion, the energy…feel it, love it, embrace it.

jacko brightside

most people just use the white light meditation in the area of the blocked chakra, where they visualize that there is a purifying white light getting rid of the negativity, but I cant even get my chakras open, could you offer advice


Two spoonfuls of Ex-lax followed by a trip to the rest room is very good for unblocking that.


if u know Telepathy?

If you know TELEPATHY, you will do most things NEgative or Positive...please b honest

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