Home Discussion Forum once you open a chakra will it stay open?

once you open a chakra will it stay open?


  1. A chakra is basically a circular energy motion.
    You can clean your carburator, but how long will it spin properly?
    Clean them all regularly and keep a spontaneous gist towards life. You be fine.

  2. um… i dont know what the Naruto version of chakra is, but, based on the version i know, Chakra is a life energy force. It’s like ki or chi or mana. It’s a built up energy that is generated from either a lot of practice or a natural kinship with yourself and whatever art you practice. This can be seen with dancers or very good martial artists.

  3. A chakra as an energy centre; in a living being it is never completely closed–and never completely opened–except as taught by some gurus selling their remedies or techniques. It is true that energy is controlled by your thoughts and beliefs; therefore, please meditate on your energy centres and the answer and your way will be clear for you. Good luck!

  4. Hello
    As a chakra is a part of your subtle energy system it like the rest of your energy is in a constant state of flux.
    Every emotion, thought & action will change the state of any one individual chakra.
    So the answer has to be no.


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