Home Discussion Forum once you learn how to see auras can you heal people?

once you learn how to see auras can you heal people?

also what else can you do once you can see auras


  1. you mean like heal people like jesus?? i dont know if you believe in that but soo far there is no evidence of his miracles.. if i want to get better i go to a doctor; thats just me!

  2. You do not need to see auras to heal people, although they can sometimes help see people’s emotions, which can assist in healing. That is probably the most useful thing, seeing emotional changes in the colour. Healing is a different skill/gift entirely.
    However, you cannot judge an emotions simply by the colour, as people tend to be quite different from each other. There are broad categories, but as many exceptions to the rules as rules themselves.
    People than can see auras can often do other useful things, but taken by itself, I’ve never thought it particularly important.

  3. You become more aware of what people are really feeling. U can heal ppl using aura power, by directing the spiritual energy into u and then reflecting it back into others or urself.

  4. Well, you don’t have to see auras to be able to use energy to heal someone. While you won’t be able to heal up a gash, you can take down the swelling or pain, and it works well for muscle issues and headaches. I can’t see aura, but I can do contact healing without issues. You can also look into Reiki if you wanted to learn more about it.
    Other than that, once you learn to see auras, you can tell if you or someone else is getting sick, if there are mental issues creating problems in their life, all sorts of stuf.


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