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once again, whats wrong with a 40 yr old sleeping with a 16 yr old?

My question was recently removed without me being able to retrieve any of my answers. were im from in michigan its legal but nasty. my own opinion. My husband had sex with a little girl that I used to take really good care of went behind my back and had a very long relationship with this girl and she ended up pregnant. I am nowpregnantand he wants me to get an abortion. fine by me he dont have to ask me twice because its obviouse that he dont love me anyway and im not gone be a sucka fo love he can have these lil girls. I wus once 16 and i use to have sex at that age too. so i cant blame her cause 9 times out of 10 she dont know what the hell she doin anyway. She has no experience with men she knows that he is married and karma is a bitch and will be for both of them. He really got a problem cause he think he in love and he need some kind of pschycological help. Its men out here that will respect having a good “women” in there corner. Someone to laugh with share hope dreams and even tears together. My question is not ment to disturb anyone but to get some advice and read other opinions because I am going through a difficult time rite now. For years I though I was with the man of my dreams and it took for me to stop working to find out who he really was. I am dealing with a lot of hurt and frusturation behind it all. Please dont report my question. I just need some internet support. Its nice to have feed back even when it is very clear what I should do.


  1. There’s plenty of things wrong with a married man sleeping with a 16 y.o. child and yes, 16 is still considered a child. You are 100% right to feel hurt and frustrated. Your husband behaved in a disgusting manner and what he did is illegal in most states. It’s called statutory rape and he could get prison time for it. It sounds like he deserves it.

  2. I do not mean to be rude, but it should be REALLY obvious why it is wrong. He is 40 for goodness asks and she is 16. He is old enough to be her dad, I feel that makes him a pedophile, a scum of the earth “man” who prays on vulnerable young women. If you chose to have sex at that age, it should be with some one your own age, not a dirty disgusting piece of s**t, who doesn’t even deserve the name “man”.
    You are right to be hurt and I seriously think you need to leave him far far behind. It is wrong, it will always be wrong. Do yourself a favour ans stay away from this sicko…

  3. Although a 16 year old is physically mature, she is not mentally mature. There are reasons to protect kids until they are 18. She is being taken advantage of by a grown man.
    If I were you, I’d so be out of this relationship. I would divorce him as fast as I can because that young girl could sue him and get after YOUR assets. Honey protect yourself and get out.

  4. well at least you are smart and leaving that sick man! good for you. i hate seeing stupid women or girls on here saying i love him and take him back. the love you have for him will fade. karma is a b*tch and for them im sure it will be bad! but watever that is not my problem and neither urs. just move on and live ur life. and i think you should keep the baby. but thats just me cuz i dont agree with abortions. thats killing a human being. but hey if thats not ur belief do wat u wnt. Good Luck with everything! im sry it must suck having ur husband leave u for a younger and holy crap younger girl not even woman. its quite pathetic but dnt wry u will get through it!!

  5. Very long relationship with this girl and she is only 16 ? her parents should do something about him may be legal now ? I never heard of legal sex with a 16 year old but if that relationship was happening for a very long time,the police need to know.

  6. If a 40 year old man had sex with my 16 year teenager I would put his ass in jail and no one would ever have to worry about him again… in my book he is a rapist.

  7. thats pretty disgusting in my opinion. When I look at a girl 10 or more years younger than I, I tend to treat them like a little sister . Its just not possible for me to think sexually about a small,innocent girl that age.
    They are young, vulnerable and are growing up.As a 40 year old, you should be more a father figure. I am honestly disgusted to write any further but, please grow up , mister.

  8. State Law in Michigan? As recently as when I went to High school there- so 2002- I am pretty sure that the age of informed consent was 17 unless both parties were under 18. So a 19 yr old and a 16yr old would be illegal- let ALONE a 40yr-old predator! If one were to press charges it well may result in his arrest. Do her parents know the age of their grandchild’s father?

  9. Im just wondering what her parents are thinking about all this . I live in detroit and there are allot of insane azz people here as im sure you know . I know its hard to live in the hood my daughter graduates this year and im out of here . She to had a 40 year old chasing after her until i found out . I no longer see the guy hanging around . Ive been shot at stabbed threatened yet i do not let the hood intimidate me . I am sure you don’t have much of a choice what to do or go kind of stuck here as so many are . Best thing i can tell you is save up some money the best way you can and get the hell out

  10. Know what? He’s gonna end up in prison. Having sex with a 16 year old is illegal. Known as Statutory Rape.
    I live in Michigan, too. I know for a fact that it is NOT legal here.

  11. Your husband is a pedophile! I don’t care if you live in a fu*ked up state that made sh*t like that legal, its disgusting!
    If you have that baby I wouldn’t let him anywhere near it EVER>
    He is not the man of your dreams he is was an illusion of it.
    Divorce him immediately. You and everyone else in the world deserves so much better than a man like him.
    I agree you can’t blame her. She is a child and she is his victim even though she probably doesn’t realize it yet.
    As much as this situation must cause you pain, please see it for what it is…..A bloody lucky escape

  12. Regardless of if they are truly in love or if your husband is just being a pedo, you deserve better than this. You are not going to sit there and watch him go out with his young lady while you cook him dinner and look after him like his mum. Older men, they always like younger women, they want younger, prettier, sexier. Of course these days 16 year olds look and dress and act like 26 year olds, so only you can tell if you think their relationship is legit or not. Does the girl’s father or mother know about their relationship? It sounds to me like the girl is using your husband as a thrill, as much as your husband is using her. If you feel your husband has problems, dont let it be yours. Leave him, and find someone who will love you unconditionally.

  13. That 40 year old is committing statutory rape. He needs to be locked up. If the 40 year old wants someone young for a girlfriend, he should date a 19 or 20 year old girl who is a legal age adult, not a young 16 year old girl who is an underage minor.


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