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  • Aloha,
    if someone could help me. I was attuned to ReiKi II on May 2012
    and before that I was very happy in ReiKi I level, had earge to meditate and had some visions during my meditations. It was very incureging to have that connection to Divine. I was very exsited for ReiKi II, I thought it would inchance that connection, instead everything dissapear! I am wondering now what’s going on? I practice ReiKi every single day, I do feel the energy flow very strongly in my palms. It’s turning on and off destinctivly. I got ride of many health problems and I do have my fath in ReiKi, I love it and very thankful for it. It’s just an earge to develop my intuitive site. I feel dissapointed right now and don’t know what to do be cause I feel like that spiritual conection is blocked for some reason but everybody say it sould be all the way around after ReiKi II attunement, it should grow stronger.
    If anybody could help?

  • Hi,
    After my Reiki 1 attunement, I got the urge to meditate and to connect with my higher self. So, I started going through spiritual transformation. Before Reiki I didn’t care about that stuff. After my Reiki 2 attunement (by the same Master), I didn’t feel any additional emotional or physical changes. However, on the 8th day after the attunement I had 2 very powerful lucid dreams. First dream was just a screen with animated pony fairies running through the rainbow. In my other dream I was in my house and outside was a storm and my door opened. The wind was blowing away all my stuff including my Christmas tree. I knew I was dreaming since next to the Christmas tree there was a vase full of beautiful red roses, that in reality I didn’t have in the house. The wind blew everything into one corner of the room. I also went into that corner and wind wasn’t blowing there. I also found there some kind of the display, like a sign nicely shaped and beautifully colored into blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, green and orange colors. (Maybe there were more colors, but these are the ones I remember). Those colors were spread all over the display; chunk of blue, green etc.
    I woke up and started surfing online for info about possible meanings of my dream and learned that each chakra has a color. I was very encouraged that Reiki got me on the right path to self discovery and spiritual growth. But, it has been three month since my Reiki 2 attunement and I never had any lucid or significant dreams again. In meditation I didn’t go far even though I meditate every day. My intuition is not any better than before Reiki; however, I feel the energy and warmth in my hands when I am channeling Reiki. I am wondering why I had such amazing dream experience only once and why there are no changes in my intuition; could it be that I have blockages or something or this is just the way it is for some people?

  • I am a reiki level 2. Perhaps you should revisit Reiki Master 1 and tell him or her of your experience. You could do the reiki 2 over again. I would suggest that if you have no improvement with your skills.

  • It depends on a lot of factors. To get full benefits of the second degree, it is essential that you have already reached a particular level of energy with regular practice. How regularly were you practicing reiki before the 2nd attunement? Secondly, you have to ensure that you practice degree 2 daily AFTER the 21 days too, if you want the full benefit.

    The most common experience after a 2nd degree attunement is an increase in the level of intuition. You feel like doing something, but don’t do it, and later something happens, and you think, ‘oh, I should have done it, I felt it!’ Eventually you learn to identify and listen to your intuitions.

    Spiritual experiences are not too common after 2nd degree, it happens after the 3A level.

    Teacher does not matter, but practice does. Whatever your case, just practice regularly and have the faith. Be alert for signs of intuition. I am sure you’ll experience a lot of improvement!

  • it doesn’t depend much on the master, i would say. masters would probably disagree, but if they teach it properly, they concede to this fact. masters (as well as students) are merely channels for reiki engergy, and to them during the attunements other reikists are helping, so in any way, if there were any problems based on differences in masters’ personalities, reiki would amend them during the attunements.

    I think the problem was you got too early to the second level. It should be normally allowed only when the master says you’re ready – judging by different things, but mostly his own intuition and your own perception… In other words, you shouldn’t take attunement 2 to be able feel spirituality, but after you already can do it in some (simpler but still) way..

    i’d recommend returning to level one (like a mental state) and retracing the steps you did and see how you progress…if this doesn’t seem right to you, go on with all you have learned, practise without concentrating too much on the visible results…notice whatever small sensations you get with any element of reiki…developing spirituality is a difficult thing, reiki helps a lot, but this is also your ability to relax with it and trust yourself more… this is probably the only sphere where ‘try hard’ doesn’t work..

    hope this helps somehow..

  • As a Reiki master, I don’t allow students to skip around. If you come to me for level two, I retrain and re-attune you into level one.
    It’s possible that you received a more powerful attunement from your level 1 teacher, and your level 2 teacher gave you a less powerful attunement, and thus your energy level didn’t change.

  • i am a divine reiki master so i think i had better answer that. reiki is compatable with any other system of healing. even i did not believe in these things but i have healed myself from a number of health problems.
    it is not always possible for people to feel something in the beginning since they are not aware of suttle mevements. the 1st level cleanses you up and you can give hands on healing, (fter the 21 days practising/cleansing period), to your immediate relatives. the 2nd level gives you some symbols which you can use to give specific area healing and the healing gets better/more powerful. in the 1st level, the energy rays travel in a divergent manner and in the second level they are said to converge to a point. the symbols act like lenses. you can also do distant healing( something like telepathic healing). the 3rd level is even more advanced which i can not elucidate here.
    not feeling anything after the attunements could be that you are not serious about the 21 days practise period. i assure you that you practise for 21 days reiki 1, and then reiki 2 and if your reiki masters are genuine (which hopefully they are)you will definately start to feel something like warmth/ heat in the palms of your hands.

  • There is considerable controversy regarding the legitimacy of reiki Some studies have shown that the effect of Reiki is similar to that of a placebo, and the majority of the scientific community considers it classifiable as pseudoscience.

  • Yes, that is your reason jumping in an telling you that it is crap instead of letting you imagine that you “feel” something spiritual.

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