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On my tarot cards each time i do it it says i have an impediment?

I speak just fine so in what other ways can i have an impediment. I got this 3 times when it comes to how people view me.
Im not into tarot cards like that(egyptian tarot’s) but i find it interesting i got that particular card 3 times in the “how others view you” section. I shuffled very well and i got that card every time that i did it to myself.
okay sparrow ill get a breast reduction just so ppl will take me serious, jees its like nobody ever heard of a push up bra be4!


  1. An impediment doesn’t necessarily refer to a speech impediment. An impediment is anything that proves to be an obstacle, or that stands in your way of completing something, or poses a challenge.
    If that card is referencing how others view you, it could be that there is something standing in the way of others seeing you for the person you are, and are perhaps getting a completely different view of you than you realize, or would like.

  2. An impediment is a physical defect according to Macmillan school dictionary. Also an obstruction.
    I think the ‘osbstruction’ part would be more relevant when interpreting the Tarot. As in maybe something blocking your success or creativity, a relationship–something like that would seem more applicable.

  3. Are you talking about the 8 of swords? What it implies is that you are thinking too much. Solve the problem and move on. Stop thing about it. Your driving yourself crazy. It’s like over communication, shut up already, I’m trying to watch TV.

  4. If there is indeed an impediment, it is probably referring to an obstacle that is preventing others from getting to know you the way you really are or the way you want them to know you, as someone above mentioned.
    Judging by the look of your picture, I think the way you present yourself is probably at times not beneficial to how you want people to see you. It’s not bad to be that way, but it might be bad for you personally when you want people to see you in a different light. People don’t take breasts seriously, remember that. Sad fact of life.
    It could be referring to anything though, I’m just chattin’.
    There’s nothing wrong with the size of your breasts, that’s not my point. Be rational, you know what I’m talking about. Or you should, at least. Maybe this is at least one thing you need to understand about the world before you can move forward.

  5. ok frist thing the cards are fine but you can not read your own cards you need someone to read them for you and for your other problem with someone els just dont worrry about what that person says you look finethe way you are


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