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On an astral level, do you really care about David Letterman's personal life that much?


  1. not at all. stars are people too. mistakes are a human phenomena. they just happen to get the spotlight.
    i hate tabloids and controversy over nothing.

  2. Not really. He kind of dragged his fans into his personal life by announcing that he had sexual affairs with female staffers. It’s something I really didn’t care to know. I would rather that he just tell jokes. I just don’t want that image in my head of David Letterman having sex with someone. Ugh!

  3. Nope. Although I was quite surprised multiple people willingly had sex with him. He has Dakota Fanning teeth and they scare me.

  4. Not really sure what you mean by an astral level. But I don’t care at all about David Letterman’s personal life.
    However, from what little I have heard the biggest issue could be that he will be perceived as a major hypocrite.
    To make a living ridiculing the peccadilloes of others and then it becomes evident he is doing the same thing is generally not looked upon favorably.
    My dad used to say if you want to know what a person is really about, watch what he attacks. Letterman got a lot of mileage out of infidelity/promiscuity jokes. Now he has to live with everyone knowing his personal trash.
    Imagine the poor women! THEY had sex with DAVID LETTERMAN. Yikes. Do I really care about his personal life? Nope. It’s really none of my business.

  5. No.
    But I care about his victims including his family and his employees.
    Mr Letterman’s anti-woman actions (adultery and workplace sexual harassment) now have joined his anti-women remarks.
    Do you remember Letterman’s hate speech about Sarah Palin and her minor daughter? Letterman’s joke about Palin’s 14 year old daughter being raped and calling Gov Palin “slutty” were clearly anti-woman remarks. Women’s group all over the country were protesting his remarks.
    Can you image what the uproar would be if it was President Obama’s wife and daughter that Letterman joked about?
    With love in Christ.


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