Home Discussion Forum OMG!!! How can people be so gullible to believe this hog wash?

OMG!!! How can people be so gullible to believe this hog wash?

You mean to tell me that even in todays society with highly advanced technology people still believe their dreams are more then the activity of the subconscious mind working through what it perceives.
To those looking to understand the dreams as to why you would dream about a certain issue I appologize, this is not meant for you.
But for you moronic idiots who believe that dreams have some deeper meaning you really need to get a life.
rec girl:
That is about the same thing.
What words don’t you understand? It is all in english.
That would be applying the proper method to understanding a dream. Those are the people I said I am not referring to. But somee people believe that since they dreamed of a train it means their dog will die in a fire or some similar hog wash.
Mr. Taco:
This question was posted due to a gullible fanatic sending me a personal e-mail and attacking me because I told him his dream meant nothing. I really just want to see how many people go to his extreme.
Natasha D:
Very well said. I like that.


  1. Wait…the question’s in there somewhere….
    “How can people be so gullible to believe this hog wash”
    I think the operative word here is “gullible”. Common sense IS NOT common.

  2. i dont know, i go both ways on this one…dreams are just your imagination going wild but then again, dreams were used in the bible as some deeper meaning

  3. You know, just because you don’t happen to agree with something doesn’t mean that you have to be rude about it. You can state your opinions without calling names.

  4. Let’s see here. You don’t believe in dream interpretation, yet you are in this section! Isn’t that like an atheist in the religion section?
    “The activity of the subconscious mind working through what it perceives”. Isn’t that dream interpretation?

  5. Although I agree with you that people are gullible to believe their dreams mean things (to some extent), I think YOU demonstrate a tendency toward moronic idiocy by demonstrating no knowledge of basic psychology, symbolism, and mankind’s desire to find meaning where there is no meaning. Doesn’t mean that dreams mean anything, but the desire to find meaning in them is actually a natural occurrence. That you would come on here and start insulting people suggests that you have too much time on your hand and maybe YOU should get a life.
    That said, in all fairness, I have to admit that I have been guilty of doing this myself.

  6. Some dreams are your subconscious mulling over problems in your daily life. That isn’t always meaningless but helps you deal with things.
    I believe that without the ability to dream we all would be moronic idiots.

  7. some dreams actually mean something, others just go over what happened that day and what could have gone differently, and some actually tell us what will happen later. I often have dreams about what will happen the next or days after that. It may be something meaningless like a polite conversation, or seeing someone do something. I mean sure, humans only use a small percentage of their mind, and i mean small, like 10% or less. what do we do with the rest of it? there are a lot of things hidden in there, and probably for our own good. some people just choose to persue those hidden areas more strongly than others. people choose to believe because maybe they have nothing else to believe in, or it’s something interesting or they are really crazy. who knows, I don’t treat it like a religion like some people but to hear interpretations is pretty cool and sometimes if you listen something may be said and it will ‘unlock’ something in your mind and you’ll go “hmm wow, that’s pretty neat, i never thought of it that way before”
    so I’m not going to be rude or have some smart alic comment, I just believe in letting people believe what they want and let them be happy if only for a litle while in this cruel world, because we only have so long to live. sure I think some of them are crazy moronic idiots that got into it way too deep, but on a different level it’s their passion, like mine is horses, and some people is sports and for others, dreams. then again, why do any of us do anything?

  8. I’m not studying dreams to find the specific meaning of any particular dreams, I’m studying it to find the underlying physiological purpose it serves. I realize it is nothing more than random activation of neural circuitry during sleep, that occurs in more than just REM sleep; I also realize that the content of dreams is not in any way useful in the sense that Freud concluded, in that the symbolism could help us discover our innermost subconscious desires and shortcomings. There is however, plenty of research into the role dreaming plays in memory consolidation, and cognitive development. Newborns have much more periods of random brain activation than adults, which makes sense if you consider how critical a time infancy is for brain development. There is some underlying reason for it, and by hearing many different dream reports, I’m hoping to essentially pinpoint the neurological functions responsible.
    Just a side note though, dreams have no bearing on what is consciously experienced in everyday life. While in the dream ‘state,’ chemicals are released that effectively shut down the brain activation related to memory. The content of dreams in that sense is nothing more than a delusional state similar to that which Alzhiemers patients suffer. There is no symbolism, and there is no ‘message from beyond’. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is only the dream ‘form’ that holds any kind of meaning, and all a dream’s form can really tell you is which part of the brain is being activated. If remembering the details was that important to our lives, we’d be able to recall our dreams even if our sleep wasn’t interrupted in the middle of a dream or shortly thereafter.


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