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OMFG ?! Tokio Hotel ( Family ) Urgent OMG ?! Plz read And Answer ?!?

omg plz read this i found it and it says that a gang is trying to harm tom and bill… i know it’s alot to read but plz read the whole thing : here read this i found it on tokio hotel america :
Hi everyone. Lots of emotion about the situation. Please read this and MASSIVE THANKS to Tabby for the translation from the German. Here is a link to the original Bild article. Link Massive thanks to David Jost for letting everyone know how bad this has been. That these fans have been terrorizing the twins and assaulted their family is beyond belief.
“Tokio Hotel” – Guitarist, Tom Kaulitz (19) and his outburst at a Hamburg gas station. The musician hit a young lady (21) in the face, after she put out a cigarette on his car. She therefore filed charges against the Rockstar.
BILD found out: The lady belongs to a stalker-gang from France. They call themselves “Les Afghanes on Tour”. The gang consists of 4 girls, that have followed the band at every corner for half a year. The young women are usually covered up or masked.
The stalkers have also allegedly sieged the band members’ apartments. They allegedly egged the musician’s cars, wrote hate letters and harrassed family members.
In a hate letter to “Tokio Hotel” that BILD had on hand, the girls claim that they are more than normal fans, and are threatening the band with a “small nightmare” for the next week. In addition, it’s called: “Attention, attention…. We are unhappy. We are becoming impatient, DO YOU UNDERSTAND US?”
Even Bill and Tom’s mother was threatened in the last week by the Stalker-gang and was physically attacked. There were charges pressed against the stalker.
“Tokio Hotel” Manager and Producer David Jost confirmed BILD of the occurences.
He says: “One of the masked stalker-girls assaulted one of Tom and Bill’s family members on April 8th. We filed charges the following day against the girl and will now file further charges.”
i totally cant believe that somebody would want to do that to them 🙁
ok and here are photos of the stalkers… just strool down plz :
OK …. the first 4 ppl who answered : who cared that he hit a girl they are stalkers and they are threatning bill, tom and their family…


  1. I’m a TH fan to, but Tom hit a girl!! That is not right! IF he does the crime then he’ll just have to do the time cos that was out of order what he did and he needs to be punished, he’s in the public eye so he can’t do things like that and just expect people not to to care.

  2. Don’t have a clue who Tokio Hotel are but Tom sounds like a male name and if he hit a girl, regardless of who they are he’s going to jail not the girls.
    You stated that the girls “have followed the band at every corner for half a year” If they have known it has been half a year, they could have got a restraining order by now but you think it’s better to hit a woman in the face that get a restraining order against her? Good Luck for the after life.

  3. Wow.
    Ok; I’ve heard girls at my school talk about tokio hotel a LOT, that’s expected I guess, but…..that really sucks.
    I mean it’s hard to imagine but I’m pretty sure he was PISSED that they just would not screw off and leave him alone.
    Hitting a girl is pretty bad, but in this case….I guess he just couldn’t take it.
    It’s pretty sick and twisted, to follow around someone and mess with them like that. I don’t care how much they like his music.
    Or don’t, even.
    It’s messed up that he, and epecially his FAMILY have to deal with them.
    I hope this idiocy ends and those stalkers pay for it.
    Hehe nah.
    Maybe money damages, and some prison time.
    Stalking and vandalism is a serious crime too.
    Bill will probably get taken to court over it, because the girls will complain but I’m sure he’d be forgiven for self-defense charges.
    Even though he did hit a girl.
    and I guess, life goes on.

  4. it’s 8:30 AM right now
    i stayed up LITERALLY all night thinking about Tom
    i’m so scared for him
    if the police are not on his side he could go to jail for YEARS
    i hate these girls
    so much it’s not even funny
    are you in the USA fanclub
    there is a whole link to the girl’s blog
    if you want the link email me.
    she deserved a punch in the face for putting them thru that.

  5. Well d***, this story keeps getting worse and worse and WORSE.
    A stalker gang? That’s terrible. I wonder what s*** else these nutty girls have better to do than to stalk people? *shakes head*
    I still don’t condone Tom hitting a girl, but this is messed up…
    I do wonder if these girls have something against emo kids or something…sad.

  6. Holy crap……this is insane!
    how can these people live knowing they harm them like this!
    The pictures are so scary!
    Why haven’t they been arrested yet?
    This is sad and scary!

  7. I’m sorta crying right now.I had NO idea that this situation was this bad.Now I’m happy that he hit her.She deserved it and I’m FULLY taking his side on this.Those girls aren’t fans at all they are like crazy.They have some twisted minds(they could be crazy enough to kill one of them for all we know).I’m just so sad right.Right now I wanna go get those boys and take them to my house as a hideout.I wish they would’ve said that all of this was happening earlier but it’s good that they finally told us the whole story.Those pictures were FREAKY.I swear if I saw someone wearing a mask like that I’d think they were a serial killer.I’m gonna pray for those boys.They need all the help they can get.


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