Okay, last one for tonight… don't know what got into me..?

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Would it be fair if this whole Religion & Spirituality section was just shifted into the Mythology & Folklore section?
If not, why not?
Let me get it straight… dead gods go in Mythology and superstition, while current ones are all glorious and spiritual right? In the meantime, how do I spell Faery and where the fuck can I find one. For that matter, how do I spell gods’ name?
How about we drop the mythology bit and just call it folklore? A less bold conclusions for you.
And I apologise for insulting your belief in fairies. I shouldn’t have been so flippant on that.
BTW, just joking on all of this. It makes it easier to withstand some of the nonsense.
Finally, before I go to bed. I do actually think that religion should be excluded by design throughout the world. A proviso, of course, that morals be taught in some other way… perhaps in the same ways that modern non-religious families have success with…

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Jacqueline Cheung

are u drunk? i read it over and over again and can’t find the answer in your text haha.. don’t waste your time, there’s no god..


it would rather confuse the mythology section if they added all this one I think they need to separate this out more.
maybe a section for christians and jews and one for muslims and aithests that might work better.


No it wouldn’t be “fair” because moving all religious discussion to a category labeled “mythology” represents a conclusion that fewer than half the people on here support.
Now if you proposed combining two categories: “Religion, spirituality, mythology and folklore” I wouldn’t have a problem with that. The way I see it, the key to providing the most neutral system is to avoid biased or judgmental labels. To you, all religion and spirituality may be based on myths…to some, organized religion is folklore, but spirituality is quite real…and to others, religion and spirituality are both true representations of reality.
Why would you want to use such a biased term to describe my personal beliefs…I don’t expect you to share them but do you really think this forum would be more valuable if my opinions (and the opinions of others that don’t believe God is a myth) were excluded by design?


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