Okay i know why everybody is scared of the end of the world 2012 but who belives that nonesense?

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Okay there are no scientific explantaion to that but many people are paranoid because the mayans made a fortune tell but it isnt like they havent made anything right. The Shaman.Etc must have been high when he did that

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I’m not scared because I don’t believe that nonsense.

Dalek Queen

I have only heard a few people say they are afraid of the world ending in 2012. I do think it will end for us in the not so distant future because of how we abuse the earth, but i dont think it will be in 2012


The Mayans calender ran out…that does not mean that that is the end…it just means that the one who did the calender must have died


Just as many idiots that believed the whole Y2K thing


I’m not worried. It’ just an astronomy event.
And fascinating. Read about “earth’s precession” and the line up of the planets on that day.
Just the “end” of a 26,000 year event.

Dog lover

Only God knows for certain when the end will come.


The scriptures state..No one knows when but the Father, not ever Jesus.


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