Okay gang, we're all warmed up, so what does this mean to you: "If You See Buddha Down the Road, Kill Him"?

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Yes I know this is taken from the title of an old book by Sheldon Kopp. I just want to know how you would interpret this. Best answer achieves Satori tomorrow at sunrise!

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manna eater

Buddha is worse than Hitler?

Rebecca Z

It means, that if you see a buddha down the road you are to kill him. (unless there are any hidden messages or metaphores tucked in there somewhere, which I didn’t seem to spot.)


My KARMA ran over your DOGMA.

Sam S

Isn’t it followed by “For he is a false Buddha, for the true Buddha is within yourself”?


If you EAT to much…Stop. You will look like Buddha eventually.


It means that buddists are violent,closeminded maniacs.


The buddha wanted to die not in suicide but to die within his self.All the great spiritual people on earth do this they have to,for there comes a point when OK shit or bust lets lay it on the line OK god are you there or not ?If you are there then I am not wrong and if you are not there then who cares if I live or die.For to have reached this point then all things have fallen away and they are alone anyway and who cares.So was the Buhhda wrong?……Who wanted to kill Buhhda ?Buhhda did .

kay kay

you tell me

Father Feck

Did you mean Bubba

james h

Enlighten his pipe? Then he’s my idol.


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