Okay, any american indie/rock/punk bands or artists?

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I already have a load of bands on my itunes,
here’s my favourites
– Alkaline Trio
– The Ataris
– Audioslave
– Badly Drawn Boy
– Beck
– Ben Folds Five
– Ben Lee
– The Beta Band
– Blue October
– Bob Dylan
– Bon Iver
– Butch Walker
– The Coral
– The Cure
– Dashboard Confessionals
– Death Cab For Cutie
– The Decemberists
– Eagle Eye Cherry
– Fall Out Boy
– Filter
– Finch
– Finger Eleven
– Five For Fighting
– The Flaming Lips
– Fleetwood Mac
– Foals
– Foo Fighters
– Forever The Sickest Kids
– Forty Foot Echo
– Four Letter Lie
– Frank Turner
– Franz Ferdinand
– The Fray
– Frightened Rabbit
– Fuel
– Funeral For A Friend
– Gavin Degraw
– The Get Up Kids
– Go Audio
– Howie Day
– Jack’s Mannquin
– Jack Johnson
– Jefferson Airplane
– Jet
– Jimmy Eat World
– Joe Banamassa
– John Mayer
– Josh Kelley
– Joshua Radin
– The Killers
– Lenny Kravitz
– Lit
– Lifehouse
– Lynyrd Skynyrd
– Matt Nathanson
– Modest Mouse
– Muse
– Nada Surf <-- he is amazing - NOFX - Ok Go - People In Planes (check out their song Instantly Gratified) - A perfect Circle - Phantom Planet - Ray Lamontagne - Remy Zero - The Smiths - Steadman - Steely Dan - Sugar Ray - Switchfoot - Talking Heads (their song Once In A lifetime if good) - Third Eye Blind - Vertical Horizon so any along the lines of these? i know i have quite a vast variety of music, but i'm mainly into unknown non-mainstream artists but really good ones thankss (longest list gets best answer ;])

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Bob Loblaw

Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops


The Eagles of Death Metal
The Clash


Paramore, Madina lake Something Like that.


Senses Fail
Vampire Weekend
We The Kings
Flobots – Proud to be American.
You already have the bands I would have recommended. Great taste in music.
Have you heard these bands? They are British though.
The Go! Team – Huddle Formation (there are 2 versions)
The original is about skateboarding:
About Partying.
The other band is Does It Offend You? Yeah – Epic Last Song
Ida Maria she’s from Norway and her sound is very post Punk
Queens Of The Stone Age
Dropkick Murphys
Metro Station


The Hurt Process
Sinai beach
Coheed and Cambria
uhhmmm dunno really? prefer metal


Try ‘Interpol.’
Theyre ok. ‘Evil’ is my fav song by them

Mr. New England

i would say you pretty much got everyone..i can add:
for indie:
Built to spill—sound like modest mouse
Bloc Party– kind of like a modern Cure
manchester orchestra– similar to Death Cab for Cutie
Arcade Fire
Wolf Parade
Archers of Loaf
for rock/punk:
Slightly Stoopid
The Expendables
Brand New
Story of the Year

Pam R

Gaslight Anthem, Billy Talent, Four Year Strong, Attack Attack, Enter Shikari, The Blackout these are some of my favorites. If you like these ones, have a look at http://livethescene.com theres loads of bands un n coming as well as more established ones. Hope this helps x


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