Ok, what is the difference between witches and Wicca?

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I never really put much thought into this, but I recently moved, and two women I know who consider themselves to be witches object to being labeled Wicca. I never knew there was a difference between the two, but it is clear that they believe there is one. Is there some source of information I can look up to figure out their beliefs so that I can avoid further offending them?

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To my understanding, witches are people who practice the craft aka magick. Wiccans are people who follow one of the many neo-pagan wicca religions. So, wiccans are usually witches as long as they practice magick, but there are witches from other religions and atheist witches as well.


Witches are dark and evil and wiccans are about the mother earth and the univers.
Most people call them witches too. True wicca is not anounsed. Sounds like you just have some nuts looking for attion.
“ModernWiccan is a community of Pagans from all walks of life. This community exists to inspire, teach, and enhance our magickal lives”

Shadow S

Wicca is a young religion that comes from an old religion. wiccan has it’s own set ways of doing things and you must be initiated by a wiccan in order to be part of the religion (debatable).
Witch is a person who practices magick.
You can be wiccan and also be a witch but just because you’re a witch doesnt mean you’re wiccan.
Both are considered pagan. Religions that fall under the pagan umbrella are Witches, wicca, druids, celts and native americans.
Druids also requires intense training, much harder than wiccans. So just because you are a witch does not mean that you are a druid. Some pagans take offense if you label them something they’re not because you’re quickly jumping to conclusions. Kind of like when you automatically call a person with asian features Chinese without even knowing if they’re even from china.
To avoid offending them you use the same term that they used (witches) but do not use it to categorize them.
if you are introducing them or talking about them do not say “oh this is my friend the witch” as if we were sick lol.
I get that sometimes from friends and i tell them that I am more than just a witch. iM the same as everyone else (HUMAN). That im also a reader, a cook, I clean I shop ..etc. True that the craft (for some of us) consumes us whole so that we are always mindful of our surroundings but we simply incorperate it into all we do and it’s not ALL that we actually do.
I hope this helps.


a Wiccan is a witch, said to be a “white witch”, which practices only healing magic and mother earth worship. The “other” witches, you speak of, and not knowing them, this is just a presumption,are not for the good and of coarse they scoured at your assumption.Then again, no one likes to be labeled, They just want you to accept them for who they think they are.Witch witch is which? I would tread lightly and kindly.There are plenty of books available that can help you understand the two. Try visiting an herb store or a natural foods market and i’m sure you will meet both.


to me, witches are people who can casts spells, no matter good or bad and they also study Wicca. Wicca is kind of like a coven…if they do have covens, and basically they do new spells and try to “release” their magic.


Quite simply: all Wiccans are Witches, but not all witches are Wiccans.


Wicca is a spiritual path, a religion if you will. Witchcraft is a practice. There are Wiccans who do not practice the Craft and witches who are not of the Wiccan faith.


There is a difference. This article explains it pretty well:
Basically, Witchcraft is a practice, that can (but doesn’t have to be) intertwined with any religion.
Wicca is a specific religion, and Wiccans often (but not always) also practice Witchcraft because it fit’s with Wicca’s belief system.
Not all Witches follow Wicca; not all Wiccan’s practice Witchcraft. But some people are both.


Wicca is a Pagan religion that often (but not always) practices witchcraft, but people can be “witches” (practice witchcraft) and not be Wiccan. Its importent to find out first whether an individual uses a term to describe themselves before you use it, because when your dealing with religious beliefs people can be easily insulted.

Kirra Blackhart

Witches practice Witchcraft which is ceremonial magick.
Wicca is an earth based religion that promotes the feminine as well as the masculine aspect of the divine. They also celebrate the sabbats and equinoxes.
There is a common misconception that is bandied around and that is “Not all wiccans are witches, but all witches are wiccan”. You can be witch and not adhere to the principles of Wicca.


Witchcraft is a practice, a skill or task one takes on. Something a witch DOES. Wicca is a religion, a belief system…something a wiccan BELIEVES. A wiccan can be wiccan and be a witch who practices magic, but a witch doesn’t have to be wiccan. Witches don’t necessarily have to believe in anything. They can just take on their task and not be affiliated with any religions if they don’t want to. So to assume a witch is wiccan is like saying a carpenter is automatically a Christian.


Witches practice folk magic, or other types of Magick.
Wiccans are a type of Witch that believes a certain set of religious tenets. (duotheology, goddess, the Rede, etc)


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