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Ok Thanks for answers on my xanax beer question,another one,should i just quit the beer cold turkey?

I drink about a six pack a day and have for around 3 years along with my xanax, Should i cold turkey on the beer. I started having problems about 3 months ago,none untill ten,welll dizziness but i have always had that since being on xanax. Im so scared.i just sit here in my house because im so dizzy and all i do is think about this,will it hurt to just cut back on beer or with the weekness and dizziness and tiredness should I just stop. I am so afraid. They did find a cyst on my pineal gland in my brain,they want me to go to the Mayo Clinic


  1. Yes, just quit drinking the beer at once. And do whatever the doctors advise. If they say go to the Mayo Clinic, then go! It’s a world class facility–you can be sure they will take good care of you.

  2. Im looking at all of your questions. #1 you are a very sickly person #2, you’re a liar bc you asked a couple days ago what a penal gland was and now ur saying u have a tumor on it. get over urself. pessimist

  3. I do not know what xanax is. I DO know that a six pack a day could be a strong indication of a problem. I suggest that you see a counselor who deals with alcohol poblems. Many of them are recovering alcololics themselves, and have heard every story imaginable. If xanax is a drug, the mixture could be fatal. I know more about alcohol that the average bear…several relatives and friends have the disease. Two died. Don’t worry about what anyone on this site may say. Half of them may be in denial with their own drinking problem. You owe it to yourself to get REAL help. It most likely will save your life, and all those whom drinking may affect. Please get help NOW before it is too late!

  4. NOOOO!!! The withdrawal could b worse than the drunkenness. Cut back by 2 a week. I have heard of alkies having seizures by quitting cold turkey, and ending up in the rehab center anyway. I am amazed your dr gave you a scrip for zanax knowing how much you drink…


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