Ok so my heathen, shaman, and asatru friends…?

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What DO you do with a drunken shaman?
Early in the morning even.

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Eric H

You forgot the Deists.
(They ALWAYS forget the Deists…….)


Swap fluids.
You know the ones I’m talking about.


there’s a party i’d like to get in on!


Based on an old song no doubt. I recall it to be:
what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor earl-eye in the mornin’….
see the following site for one rendition:
Hope this is what you were looking for.


…enjoy it!!!!
I’m a mirthless heathen, I’m a mirthless heathen
nanny, nanny, boo, boo!!!!

Darryl B

Make sure he doesn’t fall into the fire.


He/she wakes up with a hang over, you don’t

Jingles Virago

Oray! up he rises, oray! up he rises!
E-lie in the ‘mornin’!!!
(Grew up on that old one!!)

Uruzz Tyrsson :L.O.A.

i agree with tea witch, adding…
beat on a drum, til he’s good and sober
beat on a drum, til he’s good and sober
beat on a drum, til he’s good and sober
…earl-eye in the mornin’

Noddy T (FRNH)

Is there any other sort of shaman? Surely the more intoxicated the better; if he is really off his head then ask him all your deep and meaning spiritual questions and you might just get an answer that make sense 🙂


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