ok, in heaven you cant tell jokes, have sex, get drunk, watch south park, etc..why would i want to go there?

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all i have heard is you are going to work, worship and sing praises for eternity….that is just to freaking boring….(oh and i heard that we will be exploring the universe…shifting from one the spiritual dimension to the physical one)….and then there are those who say the new earth will be the new heaven from revaluations…guess nobody really knows….(what happens if i don’t like it…will god send me to hell for that?)

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Mahmoud Imadinnerjacket

Because, I will be there.


That’s why I enjoy being alive.
Heaven and Hell would both suck.

No Chance Without Jesus

We all grow up eventually…well most of us do.


I don’t think going to heaven is a matter of whether you “like” it or not. Those who go to heaven believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. There is no real detail as to heaven other than streets of gold, etc. but if burning in hell is preferable to the “boredom” of heaven, then go for it.

your conscious

Precisely for that reason……..

Rated RKO

BECAUSE GOD IS THERE!!! Honestly, I’ve answered it. You won’t want to tell jokes, and SIN!!!!! when you can fall on your face before God!!!1


George, there will be none of that in hell either. Heaven will not be boring, take your best moments on earth and every minute in heaven will be better. There is no reason to think otherwise. Hope you get there dude.


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