OK — I get the message — I'm outta here.?





Someone is sabbotaging my messages (systematically going through my answers and clicking thumbs down on them all). So I’m going to call it a day with Yahoo TTC.
This is really bad karma and I’m very sad that it’s happened. Unfortunately, I know who it is because they blocked me when I told them an answer that I guess they didn’t like (I suggested that maybe they’re not pregnant).
After 15 cycles of TTC myself, I understand the pain and frustration, but if you’re not ready to hear the answers, perhaps you shouldn’t be asking the questions. Anyway, I get the message loud and clear.
Take care ladies …. and best of luck and baby dust to all ********************
ps: I am *almost* entertained to see the thumbs down appearing on the responses to my statement … if it wasn’t so obvious! Wow. Stunningly childish.
And let’s remember how challenging parenthood is going to be in terms of tolerance, open-mindedness, accepting our problems and mistakes, and dealing with disappointment. Now would be a great time to start trying those skills!


  1. Vicky, Hi..I hardly answer or question on YA, I am one of the ones that read, when I do I write real answers, not many ppl like them but they are the truth. When I ask a question I what a real answer! the truth that is why I come here!
    The real reason I don’t Ask or answer is my spelling and grammar. It is bad, and when you ask there is no spell check.
    I had asked a question a while ago, not in TTC. I had gotten sooo many horrible answers, ppl were soooo mean to me, I just about left! and never had a second look back.
    I decided that I would leave, but I would not leave with out my last chance for the last word…so I wrote a big big question!
    And the responce, was not what I expected! Like the ppl answered your question, they were so nice and told me not to go don’t let them get you down..So I read what they had to say, gave my self a break, and thought about why I would care, who cares, I don’t have to prove myself to ppl I will never meet!
    So now I get in to some fight on here, but I try to stay on the side line hidden in the crowd.
    If like they all say you are one of the better, it would be a great blow if you left!
    I wish you luck, and I hope that you will come back!
    TTC#2 for the last year. My first came to me after 4 years of ttc…
    I hope this helps, you feel better!

  2. Don’t let the haters make you leave you give really good answers and that is why you are a top contributor believe me there are more people that need your advice than those who just want to hear what they think is right. If you need a break for today we will understand but come back again and keep helping us with your comments. Thanxs

  3. Don’t leave because a little child wants to give you thumbs down. Here I will give you thumbs up your the top contributor and this person is upset because you obviously might be right. The most she can do is wait it out and see.! There are people on here that have been trying for months even years and they like honest opinions if this young lady cant take the truth that after all she might not be then she needs to grow up before having a child. 🙂 Have a great day and ignore her she is doing this for a reason!

  4. keep asking and we’ll keep answering vise versa one person and thier childish acts not going to stop you i hope your stronger than that its yahoo sweetie EVERYONE is on here not everyone is a civilized human being i like t when people are honest tell me the truth about what you think is going on your helping m out alot rather than lying to make one feel better stay on and continue being honest lol

  5. Please don’t leave! Your answers are very informative and they make sense! If you leave, the person who is doing this to you wins, and we don’t want that to happen.

  6. Vicky dont you dare let that wench win. I know who it is and you are not the only one that this is happening to. report it to yahoo and dont go. I have been in fights here and I have said my opinion but I have been told that I am not welcome but I dont care any more I wont let those haters win. Hand in there and block that bitch.

  7. Vicky, You are one of the smartest and intellectual posters on ttc…..I understand your frustrations with someone giving you a thumbs down…I’ve come across a few on here that I think are full of it (like this morning…)… people with ‘inconsistent stories” and I’ve pointed them out, just to get a ‘thumbs down”. It’s the nature of the beast….unfortunately.
    Can you maybe block your info. for today so people cannot see your posts and ‘follow’ you?
    Just a suggestion….but if you need the break, I understand that too!
    Hang in there!!! You’re one of the best!

  8. Even though none of us know it all, and we all make mistakes, there’s a lot of good information in your posts. Don’t let some idiot run you off. They go down the list, I’m convinced. Some kind of thrill I guess, because it’s anonymous. It happens to us all – you’re not being singled out because you’re you.
    Hang in there.
    (Good suggestion from Melinda…block your posts. Then they can’t find your other answers. There have been times I knew who was doing it and just blocked that person – it stopped them.)

  9. NO!!!!! Your answers are the best! And they’ve been so helpful! Don’t let one idiot run you off! You have been ttc for 15 cycles…yet you’ll let one numbskull run you away from here? You have stamina and brains. Please don’t leave!

  10. I’m sorry you’re having this happen – someone likes to get my posts too, sometimes. It’s a bit petty and pointless, isn’t it?
    Anyway, best of luck in TTC and big +s soon!

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