OK all you psychics out there, can you help…?





If you read my other question, you`d know i have shade-changing hair and eyes. I`m also extremely good at guessing (picking up on?) peoples` thoughts, can see colors around people (auras?), and always can tell if something bad will happen (premonition?). I also tend to see ALOT of what I`ve come to assume are ghosts. This may seem like a dumb question but am I psychic or just weird?


  1. All the other answers are rude. umm.. it can either be that you have a gift from god, and you get to feel things others can’t or you might be lying(not to be mean or anything)
    Well I have been through this, and do not be scared; you just need to learn to handle it.
    E-mail me or instant message me if you have any other questions.
    I do not know a lot, because I am still young.

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