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Occultism,shamanism, and the astral realm?

ok so i have two questions: once shamans reached the astral realm, exactly HOW and what did they do to heal people? and my second Q is : in the astral realm,is the landscape and surroundings determined by me? and if you are a negative person can you reach the higher vibrations of the astral realm if your vibrations are low?


  • HOW and what did they do to heal people?
    *They manipulated energy to heal the person. People can do this in the physical realm by learning Reiki. It’s the same thing.

    : in the astral realm,is the landscape and surroundings determined by me?
    *No and yes. The astral is made by thought and memory. In your house, you might see something that isn’t there in the physical because someone else remembers it being there. Also you can create your own landscape by focusing. You can create your own little world there.
    But as default, the astral realm is created by thoughts and memories.

  • 1) I’m not a healer, but my understanding is that once you’re there, you can redirect energy flows to correct problems in the body. The body wants to heal itself, and sometimes it just needs to learn how to focus.
    It’s not good for full body issues, or at certain points where the soul just gives up.

    2) It is affected by the way you see it, and this line isn’t going to make sense at this point really, but if you have low vibrations, you should go the other direction.

    Like light has infared frequencies and ultraviolet frequencies, so does everything else. Sometimes it’s just to hard to do things the same way other people can.
    You can either learn to copy them, which can be done in a few ways, or you can figure out how to do it differently, which is harder. There will be mistakes along the way, but in the end you’ll know yourself better.

    But everyone’s experiance may vary. That’s why there’s 6 billion humans, yet no two are alike. (even counting twins)

  • once you get to lvl 70 you can go to the outland (astral realm)and lvl you alch lvl to and that should answer some of you questions

    also becoming lore master of the eastern kingdom.

    good luck lvling.

    its easier to answer those question on horde servers so if you play alli you may wanna switch over

  • u should look for websites that talk about that ummm most people on here will call u crazy.

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