Obeying the Law on the Astral Plane?

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Someone who is aware of the astral and can move about at will (as I do) can do anything with enough awareness and experience. The thing is, should I even bother obeying the law when I’m on another plane of existence with god like powers?

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The Cult of Cthulhu

Psssst…someone call the booby hatch.

Simon P

I think you should always have a moral compass, which means obeying the law


Ummm. Yeah you should try to have some decency in there. You never know exactly what sort of chaos you may be planting the seeds for.
See you there!
I’ll be the woman with ankle-length black hair, pale skin dressed in white with a flaming sword & dead eyes. And I don’t walk, I float.


It would be best not to use any occult powers. Karma still operates even on the inner planes, and when life energy comes back in it’s primal, nascent state, where it’s above good or bad, it can be devastating.

Eclectic Witch ਹੇਰ੍ਮਨ੍

Man made laws are for humans.
Physical plane laws are for the physical plane.
So there are astral laws.
You can break the man made laws and the physical (ex: gravity)… but if you break the astral law… you will be punished far greater than you would have in the physical.
Physical plane is for beginner spirits to become spiritual, but if you know what you are doing…. you are fully responsible.
Your so called “god” like powers are nothing compared to those who roam the astral and higher realms. Don’t underestimate their power. If you do much bad, these beings will have to stop you from abusing the knowledge given to you.
After all, if you are human… which you are… you are a hear to learn. Meaning you are a beginner.
As we all are..

General D. Ypsilanti

God like powers would contain the answer to your question
since all knowledge is part of God.


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