Obama agrees with anti-White,anti-Jewish Rev. Wright?or else why not leave that church?

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Does Obama share the anti-Jewish, anti-White radical ideas of his Rev. Wright? or does he lack the guts and moral jusgement to be a leader, because he stayed with that church 20 years???
Obama had lost my vote and those of my friends. We shall vote Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania primary and please tell others to do so also, or else we shall go McCain if this Obama wins and endangers USA future…
Here are some reasons for my change of vote, do you think my choice and edecision is correct? Should we go and tell others not to vote Obama too in order to save America?
Is this issue on Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor of 20 years a legitimate concern on his character and truthfulness and moral fitness to be leafer, enough reason for me in my decision now to switch my vote from Obama to Hillary Clinton in the coming Pennsylvannia primary? Vote Hillary Clinton, or else I will vote John McCain? Is this character flaw, or does it possibly imply that Obama harbors anti-American, anti-White, anti-Jewish sentiments similar to his racist radical imam of 20 years Rev. Wright and Obama supporters Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam group and Jessee Jackson?
Clinton would have left Obama’s church By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer
Tue Mar 25, 5:53 PM ET
Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she would have left the church that Barack Obama attends if her minister had talked about America the way Obama’s pastor has.
Clinton’s comments to reporters marked a clear shift in her handling of the Obama church controversy, which she had generally avoided until now. Some Democrats see Obama’s refusal to dissociate himself from the Chicago church and its recently retired minister, Jeremiah Wright, as his stickiest campaign challenge so far.
“I think that given all we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor,” Clinton said at a news conference in Greensburg, Pa., after being asked if Obama should have left the church. She declined to say what Obama should have done, or whether the subject is now a legitimate topic for her appeals to Democratic superdelegates, the party leaders who will decide whether she or Obama will be the presidential nominee.
Over the years, Wright has preached fiery sermons to his predominantly black congregation in which he shouted “God damn America” for its treatment of minorities. He has said the U.S. government invented AIDS to destroy “people of color.” He also suggested that U.S. policies in the Middle East and elsewhere were partly responsible for the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.
Videos of the remarks have circulated widely on the Internet and news programs.
In a highly publicized speech last week, Obama sharply condemned Wright’s remarks and the preacher’s refusal to acknowledge progress in race relations. But the Illinois senator refused to repudiate his longtime spiritual mentor, saying he could no more disown Wright than he could disown his white grandmother.
Clinton was ready for the question at her news conference, and read much of her response from notes, unlike her handling of other questions.
“We don’t have a choice when it comes to our relatives,” she said. “We have a choice when it comes to our pastors and the churches we attend. Everyone will have to decide these matters for themselves. They are obviously very personal matters.”
If Wright were her pastor, she said, “the choice would be clear.”
Emphasizing that she was saying only how she would have dealt with a minister such as Wright, Clinton added: “I don’t think that’s negative.”
Her comments closely tracked those she had made earlier in the day in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She and Obama are competing for votes in Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary.
Clinton indirectly compared Wright’s comments to those of radio shock-jock Don Imus, who lost his job as a prominent program’s host after making a racial slur about the Rutgers women’s’ basketball team.
Clinton noted that she condemned Imus in a speech at Rutgers.
“I said it was time for standing up for what is right, for saying enough is enough,” she said of the speech. “While we of course must protect our right to freedom of expression, it should not be used as a license to demean or humiliate our fellow citizens.”

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guy chi

Your question is just too darn long. Yes, Obama is anti-a-lot of things. You forgot to mention that the Rev. Wright is also anti-Italian, which Obama did not offer a response.

Hung H

I wonder if McCain would still be in the race if he attended Klan rallies for twenty years, called the Grand Wizard his mentor but said he went for the cold beer and good music if he would still be in the race.
I do not blame Obama for all of that. I blame the media for giving him a pass on the issue.


Stop getting your information from not legitimate, opinionated, and bias websites. Obama is NOT racist against Caucasians, his mother was white. Clinton always has to dig up dirt on people and watch people pile it up on Obama. Posting lies like this does NOT make you a better person. Get that through your think head.
Clinton is a hypocrite and still stands in the shadow of her husband.

Jon Joanette

i dont think he is anti-american, just anti-white. like me

Liberals love America!

All sound and fury signifying very little if anything at all, that is how I describe your mostly cut and pasted rant.
Wright isn’t anti-Jewish or anti-White. Rallying against he US government for acting like it is God (The US govt’s history of judging who is worthy of rights and who is not based on skin color.) is not wrong nor is it hating America. Quoting a US ambassador (Chickens roosting comment.) and calling 9/11 and “American tragedy” and an “unthinkable act” is in no way saying that we were responsible. Speaking out on the elite white establishment isn’t hating all white people in America. Being anti-Zionist (Is he?) isn’t anti-Semitism.


Your still talking about Imus…
Race is not running in this election, if you want to hear Senator Obama’s views about race, please see a copy of the speech in which he gave his views concerning race relations….
Clinton can not be trusted at all…

Mr. Bad Day

I think it would be great if Republicans could just accept that “Rev. Wright-gate” isn’t going to win them the election.
No matter how long their questions are.


There are, in my mind, only 3 reasons why Obama attends that church. He is either a racist (he agrees with Wright), a coward (too afraid to do his Christian duty and hold his pastor accountable), or an opportunist (does not want to damage his political power base).


This is as simple as it get: YES….or else he would have left.
Birds of a Feather Flock Together.
They are all members of the Hate Club! They hate Whitey, they hate the Jew, they hate the USA.
They only care about $$$ + Power and getting even with the Jew and the Whiteman.
If these people get elected to the highest position in our government then white folk are in for a very, very hard time!


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