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Well due to a past life regression (Revelation) of a beheaded nun – I, am now an open minded individual with a brown birthmark on the neck [lol] attempting to get to the bottom of this anathematized teachings of “Jesus” by the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea.
Anyway, I am surfing the net for pictures of nuns. However, I am particularly interested in nuns head coverings through-out the centuries which will depict the era I reincarnated from. I need to find a picture that matches the image [head covering] I was revealed during this “regression”. Can anyone suggest anything to help me simplify this quest I have embarked on?


  1. Did you know that nuns didn’t wear anything underneath their habits ? I never got the chance to verify it during my 12 years in catholic school. And thank god the priests didn’t want me to know what was under their garb either !


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