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Numerology & Astrology. How much it shapes your life, if you know future?

I have people telling me about the things no one else knows. Shocking was about my girlfrineds family looking at my hands, and my present and correct future predictions of coming life. How much it effects your life and what percentage does your “karma” work effects it.


  1. Numerology and Astrology are true in describing personal traits, personality and some aspects of your life. Sometimes you are shocked by their degree of accuracy. As for predicting the future with this stuff, I’m sorry my friend but that is complete BS.. You make your own future, you make your dreams come true by working hard and you decide whether you want to be successful or not.
    I had astrology prof. tell my gf about what’s gonna happen in her future with exact times and places and all that. Although he got what already happened to her in her life right, the stuff he said about the future NEVER happened!

  2. Astrology and numerology grew in importance during the renaissance. Astology because sailors used the stars to guide them to their destination. Numerology because the zeo wasn’t used until the middle ages when the crusades brought the knowledge back to Europe from the Middle East. That’s right the zero has only been used in our culture for 700 years. Even today, some scholars question the validty of zero. What is nothing but nothing, and how could you define nothing if it’s nothing. As far as knowing my future I see nothing until it arrives. Because it doesn’t exist like zero.

  3. Every time I had my palm read or the cards, it only cost me money
    But I did meet a healer once, I had lots of warts on my hand and he rubbed my hand made the sign of the cross and told me it would be gone in about 13 days and in 10 they were gone and have never returned in 30 years, so yes karma is like faith and works, if you don’t block it someway

  4. I am a witch. As far as numerology and astrology goes. If it is in the newspaper it is just to general to be directed at any single person. However, if you can go to an Astrologer and have your Natal Chart drawn up, it will be closer to the truth, but doesn’t predict the future. Tarot cards are a bit more accurate if done by someone that is reputable.
    I once did a reading for a friend over 20 years ago and it came true within minutes.
    I had someone look at my palm once and they told me a few things that noone else knew. These were intimate secrets not generalities.
    What it boils down to is the skill and reputation of the reader. As to Karma playing a part, it can but not in such a big way. Karmic debt is usually paid upon death.

  5. I am a professional astrologer. I am astounded by how close “cold readings” (knowing only the birth date, time, and location) can come. I have had movie star clients, folks in nuclear power plants, people of all walks of life. I have no idea why it works, but it seems to. The birth chart is a mandala. Sometimes we are cautioned NOT to tell the client everything we see. True. Some stuff in 12th house is very very personal.
    Sunsign astrology, the stuff in newspapers is for rubes. I agree. Got to know birth time and place to do a good chart.
    I am also a Co-Mason (Freemasonry for women and men) and numerology and gemetria are very much part of the esoteric sciences. I pay attention to numbers.


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