Novels involving psychic ability or super powers?

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Does anyone know of any novels that involve psychic powers/super powers? Do not say Twilight, and preferably nothing exclusively magic-related.

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noah c

Gone- Michael Grant


Stephen King’s The Dead Zone


Avoid them. They are a dead end. Instead, seek novels and biographies involving characters of great moral virtue. That will get you somewhere.


Carrie, The Shining, or Firestarter by Stephen King.

Alyssa R

Chasing Yesterday Series by Robin Wasserman
You don’t really get to the super power stuff until the second book.

Emmie Bunnie

Golden by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
the girl in the novel can see the colors of others auras and can see there connections and control them


Vampire Academy
House of night
Wicked Lovely
Sisters of Isis
they are all very very very very very good!!


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