HomeDiscussion Forum"Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light"?

"Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light"?

What about quantum entanglement?
Was einstein wrong?
Maybe im just confused..


  1. No information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light.
    This is true.
    Quantum Entanglement cannot be used to transmit information, and therefore, does not violate this principle.
    Einstein was not wrong.

  2. information does not travel ftl. It travels at ftl.
    The distance between the entangled pairs – still in the light cone.
    It is currently thought that outside the light-cone the entanglement properties are lost.

  3. With quantum entanglement there is a connection but supposedly no usable information travels faster than light.
    Quantum tunneling also seems like info traveling FTL but the claim is the info is not released until a carrier wave catches up.
    I think Einstein actually suggested that there might be a tachyon universe where from our viewpoint time would run backwards and light-speed is the slowest possible speed. From tachyons’ viewpoints we would be the ones moving FTL and going backwards in time.
    The problem of time travel were assumed to be avoided by communication or jumping between the two universes being not possible.

  4. A link to a similiar answer….
    Quantum entanglement may occur almost completely in something known as energy space. If an energy exists completely in energy space there is no time, so communications are instantaneous. There is no separation between events, one entangled atom and its entangled friend are superimposed over each other, even it is appears to us that they are separate in terms of spacial difference. If an energy fluctuates between regular space and energy space at a rapid rate, it can acheive FTL speeds. The issue is the jittering action that accounts for fuzziness in position. If energy from another universe is brought into our universe, it adds to overall energy and speed. Objects and energy already exist simulataneously on many energetic levels, one just has to bring them into manifestation. To do so seems to split consciousness, but this is not so, because the energy is later conserved and it is subsequentely realized that the whole version ( an energy existing in two universes at once) was present all along. The connections with other dimensions and universes other than our own create an instablity in position and this can translate into speed, teleportation or other tricks. Position of an object or energy is uncertain across many dimensions, and this can be utilized, or not.
    You can accelerate an object from zero to FTL, but you have to change the nature of the energy matrix and the vibration contained within the object. If you let it be it becomes a liability.
    Quantum entanglement uses symbolic information rather than classical information, classical information has a specific definition. The symbolic information is much more flexible, and can be thus intepreted in a variety of fashions. One of the complaints of skeptics is that psychics are frauds because the information they receive from the future is very fuzzy, but this is a necessary step because classical information cannot be transmitted at ftl speeds, symbolic information is much easier to receive or transmit, if not essential.


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