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Not sure what to do/sensible answers PLEASE!?

I left home for college when I was 17.
Since leaving home I have experienced severe paranormal activity (if that’s the correct term) throughout this time (since leaving home) I have experiences which include: growling in my ear, pressure on my back and not being able to move/breath, prodding in my side, sexual activity, my hair being moved to behind my ear, my back being stroked….. it goes on! I have also witnessed obscure faces flying around my rooms (before you say it, I have never taken any form of drugs in my life and I don’t drink in access!).
My mother was very involved in meditation/yoga and the powers of belief… not sure if this has any relation?
I have been told that I have ‘abilities’ what this means I’m not sure, but if it is what I think this is then it frightens me to death (I don’t want to know)
I am an adult of 44yrs and I’m sacred and not sure whtat to do….. ?


  1. You should see a professional psychiatrist; it has to be either in your mind or actually happening and doing so will find you the answer.

  2. If you have a strong belief in paranormal activity then maybe it is something like this, who am I to say that that isn’t possible. I really don’t want to scare you, but, my cousin started seeing strange things, he thought he had a poltergeist and kept having strange experiences. His brother encouraged him to tell a doctor, and he had a psychiatric assessment and they found that he is mildly schizophrenic. I’m sure it isn’t that but it could be something psychological rather than paranormal and it is in your best interests to go to a doctor and see if there is anything abnormal there. Good luck 🙂

  3. Gosh that’s amazing.. You have that gift Hun and at the moment i think it’s trying to take over. You need to say to these spirits “I welcome you here but please don’t scare me” if you don’t mind them touching, then tell them. Usually people like you have a spirit guide, have you tried to tune into him/her. You should be able to if you concentrate enough. Your spirit guide could then warn you about things. A spirit guide is usually attached to someone like you with this gift you have.
    A few months ago I had some weird experiences which i have never had before with touching.. It really scared me and i had a spiritualist medium come to my house. Although it has not happened since (touching) i have seen shadows and heard weird noises.
    Hope all goes well for anyway…

  4. You don’t say if you experience these things when you are alone or if others are also present. Has anyone else seen anything? Does this only happen in one place? Has this been going on continuously for 27 years?
    I don’t think this is a problem you can solve on your own. Perhaps speak to a priest?

  5. First thing you need to do is stop being frightened!
    If this has been going on for 20 some years it is obvious that they are not going to hurt you.
    If this phenomena started with the place you are living just move.
    When you start experiencing this phenomena tell the entity to stop. Some times that is all it takes. If that doesn’t work tell them that you are not afraid of them.
    Sometimes the entities are lost if you tell the entity to go toward the light they will cross over.
    If all that doesn’t work I suggest you contact the nearest paranormal research department and maybe they can give you tips.
    Having abilities is not frightening. My abilities saved my daughter’s life. I have no control over mine and really don’t want to. It might help for you to contact others and learn to control yours.

  6. I certainly believe that your family has some influence on your sensitivity to certain things, and leaving home so young is an indication that things were just not well for you there. Obviously, it is not an easy task to answer your question without making assumptions, some of which may upset you, and for that I apologise, but, there must have been some very troubling things that happened to you, and they are now manifesting themselves at a semi-conscious level, at times when your mind is most sensitive to vivid images and hallucinations – you can have hallucinations without being under the influence of substances – they may be due to an injury to the brain that you had several years ago, they can be from a growth of some sort putting pressure on your brain, that you are not aware of, also, chemical imbalances in the body and brain will also cause hallucinations. I strongly suggest a full physical and scans of your body just to be sure that there is no medical reason for this, and I certainly hope I am wrong. I do not believe in the paranormal, and I believe that there are scientific explanations for your experiences. However, if there is a such thing, and you are able to get in contact with others who study such phenomenon, I hope that you find the answers you are looking for and that you are safe and protected.

  7. Hi
    I don’t disbelieve in what You are saying
    I would advise You to ignore the advice offered thus far
    [That is what they would like for us to believe] and re-post your question in a far better section where You will hopefully get far better answers from People better qualified to offer You advice
    I’ve an idea where You are coming from but aren’t skillful enough to advise You further
    Please don’t despair It’s knowledge that dispels fear
    Obtain that and You will be fine
    There was only one answer offered when i started to answer Your question
    May this help

  8. Perhaps you can try and develop your psychic abilities to find out what’s going on, maybe even contact who is tormenting you.
    There are courses out there that help people hone their psychic selves to become more spiritually aware.. The more you know, the less scared you will be.

  9. My problem answering you or not Iam UK if you are across the pond ignor
    Have you thought of contacting “Most Haunted”
    Some Vicars also do much of you see on MH passing the troubled unknowns on to rest or better world
    MH have a web site where you could get addreses


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