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Not Sure What Religion I am?

I took the Belief-o-matic quiz and my final analysis was Baha’i. But there are parts on the religion I don’t necessarily agree with. Here are my reasons and ideas:
Belief in Deity:
Baha’i Beliefs –
One personal God Almighty, creator, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent–incorporeal spirit.
My Beliefs –
I believe that all Gods are the same God. God has only decided to show himself to certain people based on a form and story that they would comprehend and understand. For we are all different.
After Death:
Baha’i Beliefs –
Literal interpretations of resurrection, heaven, and hell are regarded as figments of imagination. Resurrection is the spiritual awakening that occurs upon the appearance of a new Manifestation. Heaven is the indescribable bliss of closeness to God, harmony with God’s will as revealed by the Manifestations–eternal spiritual life. The closer one is to knowing and loving God, the greater the joy of paradise. Hell is the self-made torture of isolation from God–spiritual death. Unlimited spiritual growth toward perfection continues after death.
My Beliefs –
I believe that the after life is what YOU want it to be. So, there for, it cannot be described or explained. I do believe in the devil, demons, and hell and that hell is also what you believe it will be (for example…what you fear the most or what you dislike the most will be your punishment for all eternity.)
Why Evil?:
Baha’i Beliefs –
No original sin or Satan. The human nature that God created is all good, including both animal and spiritual aspects. God also gave people free will, and some will choose to express their inherently good nature in imperfect ways. The concept of Satan in the scriptures is symbolic for humans’ choice to express the lower or animal side of their nature in ways that separate them from God. Those farthest from God are most prone to wrongdoing.
My Beliefs –
I’m not entirely sure I believe in origional sin but I refuse to rule it out. Also, as stated above, I do believe in Satan and that his actions can and do cause wrong doings.
Undeserved Suffering:
Baha’i Beliefs –
All suffering, including that caused by natural disasters, are God’s will as a punitive, educational, or remedial response to individual or to humanity’s denial of God and disobedience to the Divine Commands. All of humanity suffer when one commits wrong, and all benefit when one does good. The best often suffer the most for humanity’s misdeeds. Nonpunitive suffering is part of God’s plan to challenge the soul with adversity. Suffering educates the sufferer and aids spiritual growth toward perfection. Suffering helps people to remember God in their grief. The suffering of innocents will be greatly rewarded in the world to come.
My Beliefs –
I agree but…I believe there is much more to it than that. That there are reasons we are punished (such as for wrong doings) but also to learn valuable leasons. I do, somewhat, believe in reencarnation (or that we have a choice to be reborn.)
So my big problem is…if this one is my 100% choice then why do I not agree with all of it? Is there a religion out there that I will COMPLETELY agree with or is it natural to disbelieve some of all religions?


  1. How can you “somewhat” believe in something? Do research in the various religions or philosophies you’re interested in and you just might find one that does suit you, otherwise you either make up your own religion or compromise.

  2. “Religion” is largely just a label.
    The larger purpose of finding a church (at least for people like you and I) is less about saving your immortal soul and more about the community that you surround yourself with on earth. Very few people (in any faith) accept every literal piece of dogma, it’s important to find a community where you can be comfortable. Your values are not terribly inconsistent with the Baha’i, and you might be very comfortable there.
    Personally, I consider myself a marginally practicing Buddhist, but hang out with the Unitarian Universalists, primarily because they’re close to my home and I don’t have to deal with the cultural divide that I would find at a traditional temple. (UU doctrine is basically “we believe in something”, and this might work well for you also. UU congregations tend to be diverse and tolerant.)

  3. Why don’t you study the three main religions completely and then if ur not satsified check other religions .. quiet tiring but worth it

  4. You said this:
    God has only decided to show himself to certain people based on a form and story that they would comprehend and understand.
    You have accidentally discovered why the creation story in Genesis is so difficult for Atheists and Scientists to believe.
    God was telling the story to Moses and his people, based on what they were capable of comprehending.
    To Moses, “dust” meant tiny particles. He would not have understood atoms molecules and quick fix mutations.

  5. There is no religion you can completely agree with, unless your totally brain washed from birth, but what if you made your own religion and followed you beliefs instead of anothers. I know how you feel though, by wanting to belong in a group of people that share your beliefs. I personally cannot decide because my beliefs are always a tad different from the religion and sometimes it drives me stark mad. But don’t fret, just accept you and be at peace with yourself and that’s all that truly matters.

  6. In my opinion, you are or can be a Unitarian Universalist. I grew up a different religion that told me what to believe but as I got older I started questioning those teachings. I started to visit different churches and I found my home within a UU community. It is one of the best decisions, my husband and I made.
    Unitarian Universalist – being a UU means you can believe in whatever you want and not be criticized or looked down upon for your beliefs. It is very open community accepting many different people.
    I would encourage you to read more about Unitarian Universalism by visiting the UU site at
    I don’t think you will ever completely agree with one religion – that is what is so wonderful about being a Unitarian Universalist.

  7. The Baha’i probably wouldn’t care, actually. They’re a quite accepting religion.
    That said, I’d agree with the above poster and tell you to check out the UU. It’s quite widespread–we have two in the area, one of which is more on the Christian end of things and another that holds pagan festivals constantly. They *like* people who disagree and discuss. If nothing else, try it out–I am one of those who doesn’t attend regularly, but when I do, I’m glad I went.

  8. you can not serve two God. YOU will love one and hate the other.
    A pure religion is going to the fatherless and widow.
    For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.God ways is not man ways. lean not
    to your own understanding.


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