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not sure what catagory this should be in does anyone believe in psychic mediums? or is there any on here?

hiya i was just wondering as i have been going through a rough patch in my life recently and just throught i would ask your oppinion? or if anyone has had an experience with one?
theres a lady who owns a shop in my town who has helped police with their inqueries i was thinking goin and bookin an oppointment……


  • BE CAREFUL!!! If you are a bible reader, consider these scriptures before you go: Isaiah 8:19, Acts 16:16-18, Jeremiah 10:2, Galations 5:19-21. We never want to allow ourselves to fall prey to the devil. Spiritism is one way to not only open yourself up to thinking the way Satan thinks but also attacks from the demons in your own home. This is nothing to play with!

  • Don’t do it, it just makes problems worst. The road you follow is the one you paved, figure your issues on your own with family and friends. Have faith and hope.

  • If you are smart and savvy you will steer clear of these deluded fools. They are so stupid. Only the God of the Bible is the One Who we ought to consult. All other avenues are false and deceptive, and of the devil himself. Do yourself a huge favor, and get to a Bible teaching church, get a Bible and read it, and pal around with Christians. God does love you, and He wants you to come to Him.

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