Home Discussion Forum Nostradamus said to beware of the year with these three eclipses?

Nostradamus said to beware of the year with these three eclipses?

In 2012 there will be the three eclipses he was talking about. A solar eclipse of the moon, a solar eclipse of Venus, and a solar eclipse of the sun to the center of the Milky way. OOOOOH !


  1. eclipses can have more than one meaning, and Nostradamus certainly wasn’t trying to predict this far in the future he was just trying to make it big writing hack job predictions.

  2. don’t scare me like that lol and what source do you have for the three eclipses in 2012? what did he mean by beware? its not the end of the world shoot, ww III??? ick, rather not think about it.

  3. Who cares, it’s not like he was actually psychic.
    I say beware of the month in which two flowers bloom during a plentiful harvest, and the one-eyed man cries.
    Ohh, you better watch out now!

  4. You do know that there are always a *minimum* of 4 eclipses a year right? 🙂 The History Channel “experts” don’t know their astronomy or their astrology.
    They’re not always total eclipses and they’re not visible in all locations, but there are *always* at least 4 a year. The Sun also “aligns” (by conjunction) with the Galactic Center once a year, every year; and this is not a “solar eclipse.”

  5. Three eclipses happen a lot. Nostradamus was so vague that none of his predictions are “decoded” until after an event happens, for them to be accurate. That’s not even counting all the Nostradamus quatrains people make up and then falsely attribute to him.

  6. Hypothetically, if he is right, I could interpret that into a million different things.
    2012 is the next presidential election. Beware. Choose wisely.

  7. he also said the world was going to end in the year 2000 or so… his ‘predictions’ are never right. just vague enough for people to believe them.

  8. nostradamus smoked crack while making his “prophecies” and most of it is ambigous as balls and u can say look!! he said it would happen.

  9. Nostradamus was, by profession, an apothecary — which, in modern terms, is a pharmacist.
    The predictions of Nostradamus can be compared to that of an arrow being shot at a blank wall on which the believers paint a target around its landing!


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