Nostradamus predict the dead of the king of pop Michael Jackson?

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I find This On Internet And The First On My Mind Was Michael Jackson Oh My god.
This Is What I Find:
The boy king who walked backwards is silenced
And the children gather no more around the throne
Tears fall across the territories
And fires will rage thereafter
But I Dont Understand This: And fires will rage thereafter?

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Bullshit Nostradamus predictions. What he wrote was so vauge that it could be anything at all.


What is boils down to is that some senile old man said that when the man who walked backwards dies the world will come to an end by some horrible fire of some sort started by a boy king from North Korea.
Weird Huh?


fires with rage thereafter could be the fact he had a gold casket when the hole us is havin money trouble and i saw on news segment that a govener call micheal jackson a pervert and that he would stick by his words


Could he be predicting a change in music? it’s hard to tell.
awesome find though!


Nostradamus is tacky. He had a few lucky guesses and totally missed the mark many times. As for the fires rage bit, he’s probably talking about symbolisms if he did accurately predict Michael’s life at all. There are tons of “fires” raging over the death of this man. Still, Nostradamus needed a Xanax.


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