Nostradamus has predicted the end of the world in december,20012.Is this true,please answer?

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According to Nostradamus and the Mayan calender the world will soon come to an end in late 20012.Nostradamus had even predicted the fall of the world trade centre which eventually turned out to be true.This is scaring the hell out of me,i wanna live cause i am so young.

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Captain Pugwash

the big mans rants (or quatrans) could have related to anything, and dont you mean 2012


remember they are only predictions and not all predictions come true so the world will not end on 12/12/2012


is that suppose to be 2012 as(two thousand and twelve) or what?
or two million and twelve?
who cares anyway? if it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

you stupid

well your stupid dont act like that you reatard….

Emasculated Britain

well, 20012 is 18,000 years away, so who cares? But I think you meant 2012.
Seriously, Nostradamus “predicted” nothing at all. Try reading his meandering, waffling quatrains, and you will be satisfied they are a pile of meaningless piffle.

The Saint

Someone else who’s read what they want to see into his vague ramblings. Load of old rubbish only believed and interpreted by those that want to believe it.
Has he actually said ‘2012’?
Did he actually say ‘World Trade Centre’? Think you’ll find it’s no to both.
Get on with living and enjoying your life instead of worrying about nothing.


20012 is a very long time away i wouldn’t worry about it because we wont be here .
if you mean 2012. then that’s a different story.

Mac Mac

it’s the end of analog tv anyway!!

richard k

Of course it is, The tooth fairy is coming with all her friends to finish off the world.


Honey, I don’t think you have to worry.
You won’t live to the year 20012, anyway.
Not even your great-grandchildrens’ great-grandchildren will. =/


To put your mind at ease, first of all no human has the ability to predict when the world when end. Only God knows that. Second, the world will not completely end. This world will always be here. yes it will end as we humans know it. But not just completely vanish per say. There will come a day in the near future that God will destroy the earth. Not in the sense that it no longer exists. But meaning everything related to humans, sin and everything evil. Upon doing that He will bring Heaven down to earth where we as believers will remain for eternity. You say that its scaring you? Let me ask you this…are you a believer in Christ? If you were then this should not scare you. Because all believers in Christ will be taken care of.


Nostradamus has “predicted” many things that have not come to pass.
The “end of the World is nigh” thing has been around for hundreds of years, ususally made up by religious types to scare people into “repenting their sins” and following God, so that if the World does end they will go to heaven. Like the person who’s posted above me. There’s nothing wrong with following a religion but it shouldn’t be used to scare people.
There’s really nothing to worry about.
The end of the world has been predicted loads of times, usually to co-incide with an event such as The Millenium, turn of the century etc. It’s all rubbish.
So dont spend your life worrying about an event which will never happen – it’s too short for that. :o)


I believe its true b/c the ancient Mayans said so,
not sure about Nostradamus.

Charlie J

The same was said in 1906 1997 1999 2001 and 2006.
They are only predictions and could mean anything. I watched a documentary about the bible codes which suggested there was hidden text in the bible to say the world would end in 2006.
It acurately predicted the assassination of an israeli leader, the death of Princess Diana and Dodi and many other things.
To counter thios theory someone took a book at random which happened to be ‘Moby Dick’ and also found hidden texts. The point is Anything can be made to sound like anything.
From my 40 something yr experience on Earth, Dont take it seriously.
However, this dosnt mean sit back and be wastefull. We still need to thing of our future decendents.

john doe

think about it,have you ever known anyone in your whole life that could predict the future?if anyone including physics could they would be millionares from the lotto,and not scamming people at fairs and carnivals for 10 dollors…………


Hey, don’t sweat it. The Jehovah’s witnesses forecast the end in 1975
as a kid this scared the hell outta me for years.
There are far too many prophets of doom, and they all have one thing in common, they are all wrong.
I’ll make a deal with ya, you stop worrying, and we can say happy new year to each other on here in 2013.


I guess we will have to wait till that date to get definitive proof one way or the other. Do we just have to wait until 2012? I am fairly certain won’t matter to any of us if it’s not until 20012.


Wrong. I predict the world will end on 1st November 1942. You all think you are living in the world of the living, but in fact you are all dead.
Any prat can prdict the end of the world.
Nostrodamus probably thought the Earth was flat and had never heard of the Mayan or their blessed calender.
Stop being silly – the world will end when I’m ready and when I die, which is going to be sooner than you, then the world will end, but only as far as I’m concerned.
For you, life will carry on.
Slap me with a wet fish if you like, but I know what I’m talking about, I’m 67 and know absolutely everything there is to Know.
A Druidic Prayer – lift up your heart and soul


No, I have the book of Nostradamus, and his predictions finish around at about the year 7000. We have plenty of time.


No, its a load of bunkum. Anyway there’s another 18,004 years to go or did you mean 2012?

Alison G

Could be, but you and I will be long dead by then regardless. If you mean 2012 probably not there’s been tons of dates predicted. I don’t think Nostradamus predicted the world trade centre (do you remember any talking about it before it happened?), it was twisted that way with hind sight

Jan Stolz

Trust me, Nostradamus didn’t predict crap! His words are twisted to make it appear like he did, but in reality, he did not! And the Mayan’s ran their calander in a 52 year cycle; the 2012 ending date is just the end of one of these cycles. There is really nothing to worry about.


its all conjecture ive read some f his phroshises and well they are all vauge and can apply to any one of many things also looking in his book i have the world will end in *drum roll* 7074 with armagedon


i doubt it.
people think he predicted Hitler just because in one of his Quatrains he referred to the Hister. people remark on how he was only 1 letter off. uh, no he wasnt. Hitler’s name isnt Hiter. and the Hister isnt the Histler.
i wouldnt believe in all of that,
the mayans probably died off before they could finish their calendar.
just live your life.
and by the way, his quatrains stop at the year 3979


Wow…I doubt humans will be around to date 20012….


i am thirteen and he scared me too.
but everything he says can relate to something like i can say “in 2009 there will be a violent fight and many people will die” then theres a gang fight and 4 people die. not a phsyicic but i can promise there will be a fight or something that kills people.
and whatever people were in a car accident and there like a fight between two cars! omg.
and it doesnt even make sense.

Time is Up

Rest assured that will NOT happen. Things will drastically change for the better, I promise. It will get worse before it gets better, but it’s not going to end. We have many wonders yet to see!


nooo, its not the end of the world but it is the end to everything that we know. L&L.


maybe an end of a way of life the end of money!


Thanks for the imformation guys and by and live your life to da fullest since we gonna die in 2010 in ways

khushang gupta

world will end in 8000 *9.46*10to the power8 or in world war 3 among the terrorist and the good power or super powers the life on earth will be halfed that day this circle finished


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