Norse Pagans, Shamans, etc, what do you use Galdr for?





I am learning a little on Galdr – which is a type of rune chanting which you invoke the rune. What kind of things can this technique be used for in the modern world? What do you personally use it for?


  1. A galdr (ON) or galdor (OE) is a magical charm not the repeated chanting of a rune’s name, especially not of a Common Germanic Futhark name which is a hypothetical reconstructed word preceded by an asterisk to show it is Proto-Germanic. A galdr/galdor is usually a piece of metrical verse used to request or demand an action from the Unseen in conjunction with other ritual practise such as a sacrifice, wearing of a talisman or taking a medical remedy. Galdors were still used into the Christian period of the early medieval and a good example is the Old English “Charm Against A Dwarf”:
    Wi? dweorh man sceal niman VII lytle ofl??tan, swylce
    man mid ofra?, and writan ??as naman on ??lcre ofl??tan:
    Maximianus, Malchus, Iohannes, Martimianus, Dionisius,
    Constantinus, Serafion. ????nne eft ????t galdor, ????t
    her ??fter cwe?, man sceal singan, ??rest on ????t wynstre
    eare, ????nne on ????t swi?re eare, ????nne bufan ????s mannes
    moldan. And ga ????nne an m??denman to and ho hit on
    his sweoran, and do man swa ??ry dagas; him bi? sona sel.
    “Her com in gangan, in spiderwiht,
    h??fde him his haman on handa, cw??? ????t ??u his h??ncgest w??re,
    legde ??e his teage an sweoran. Ongunnan him of ????m lande li??an;
    sona swa hy of ????m lande coman, ??a ongunnan him ?a li??u colian.
    ??a com in gangan dweores sweostar;
    ??a ge??ndade heo and a?as swor
    ???t n??fre ??is ???m adlegan derian ne moste,
    ne ????m ??e ??is galdor begytan mihte,
    o??e ??e ??is galdor ongalan cu??e.”
    Amen. Fia?.
    The galdor starts at “Her com in gangan” and ends with “ongalan cu??e”, as it is Christian it is followed by “Amen, So be it (Fia?)”. The poem before the galdor tells how to prepare communion wafers inscribed with saints’ names, what to do with them and how to sing the galdor. As you can clearly see the chant is much more than “*fehu, *fehu, *fehu, *fehu… (ad nausium!)”, it tells the dwarf riding the spider-creature to leave the sick person and return to his sister and all other beings that can understand the song to never attack the patient again.
    So a galdor can be used as a form of prayer whenever you seek assistance from the Unseen or are attempting to control an unwanted wight.

  2. Weeellll.. technically, you can use it anywhere where you would use the runes on their own.
    Just about any rune, when you cast it, can theoretically benefit from being chanted out loud while you’re casting it. Now of course you won’t do that if you’re using runes for a 100-word inscription, but whether you’re useing a few runes for healing, creating an amulet, protection, curse…. etc, you could always aid your visualisation of them by adding the sung galdr component.
    Message me if you want to discuss this in greater detail.

  3. Well, traditionally, Galdr was performed in conjunction with certain rites, including some fairly nasty curses. [And traditionally galdr charms took the form of crafted verse, yet modern practitioners use the term galdr to refer to the act of chanting the names or sounds of individual runes.]
    I still use runes in the creation of sigils.

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