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Nordic shamanism and Norse Mythology?

okay, so I have been interested in and have been studying shamanism in general for many years. I need ALOT of information and website links about nordic shamanism and norse mythology.


  1. One of the problems I’m having answering your question is words–where the word came from. Russian, from Tungus Å¡aman, Buddhist monk, shaman, from Tocharian sam³ne, from Prakrit samaña, from Sanskrit ïramaña¡, from ïráma¡, religious exercise.
    The word Shaman is not used in classical Norse Myths though he or she will practice Magick for purposes of healing, divination, and control over natural events. As Well, many of the Norse Myths and Legends were rewritten by Friars to fit Christian proselytizing.
    I reviewed my easily checked books and the title Shaman just isn’t their. Though there were those who were not warriors but the users and studiers of Magick.

  2. Shaman comes from an Eveny and Even(Siberian people)word
    Saman. There is a good resource for Shamanism it is called
    Shamanism by Piers Vitebsky, He is the head of Social sciences at the Scott Polar research institute, University of Cambridge.
    The book covers lots of aspects of Shamanism all over the world.
    you can get the book at most major book stores for 10-20 dollars and it has lots of info from lots of sources. I know this is not specific the Norse but I hope it helps.


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