Non-threatening "Visitations" during nightmares/lucid dreams/astral travel? Possibly a mother-figure?

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For the past 20 years, I’ve had a city’s share of nightmares, out-of-body experiences, etc. Most of them I can analyze enough to figure out what is happening, why I’m having these experiences and what I need to do in my waking life to find a balance/harmony.
But the irony is this: I can only come to understand these experiences if they are horrifically terrifying. And a few times, I have experienced “visitations” by non-threatening dream characters- and I don’t know what to think.
About 10 years ago, I was in the middle of an awful dream, I “woke-up” in my room to find out that an old hag with a hood and no face was holding my hand. And last night after a bad dream, a woman entered my room and spent time petting my cat at the foot of the bed (just as my mother would- she lives with me), but then I found out that my mother hadn’t entered my room at all. I was certain that a mother figure had been there.
A friend mentioned the “Triple Goddess”. I don’t know much about this. Any ideas?
I didn’t look up or say anything to the woman petting my cat, because I assumed she was my mother and I was pretending to be asleep so that I wouldn’t be drawn-into a conversation for the last 30 minutes of my night– lol.

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You should start a dream notebook; each morning write down every detail you can remember from the night before. Meditate on these images and you will probably get your answers from within. Maybe your mother has a concern about you that your sub-conscious is picking up, and that’s why you saw the female figure at your bed. Look up Ramtha, Eckankar, Conversations With God, and start reading.

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Sounds like you’re experiencing the “Old Hag Syndrome”

Kate H

Maybe these are parts of yourself trying to communicate with you and protect you. Try asking the next one: Why are you here.


These are just dreams. Even The Monroe Institute has changed its line on astral-projection, claiming that there is no such thing.
The human mind is incredibly complex and I believe that certain techniques can be used to help facilitate lucid dreaming, which can lead to a greater understanding of one’s self.
I honestly believe that these are not gods, ghosts, or your mother, but rather parts of your own mind. However, this does not mean that this phenomenon should be ignored. If you are awake when experiencing these things, they are technically “hallucinations” and may be indicative of a greater problem. Get checked out.
I think it’s much more likely that you are a light sleeper with certain unresolved issues. I believe that your subconscious is trying to communicate certain things to you. I think it would behoove you to listen to yourself.


It’s possoble that the “Old Hag” you’ve been visited by was the crone aspect of the triple goddess. The other two aspects are mother, which it sounds like has visited you as well, and maiden. The crone is the old lady who is wise and dark as she stands by the door of death. The mother is a middle aged woman, usually with children, who watches over the home. The maiden is the young aspect of triple goddess. A maiden is usually in her teens or twenties and is on a quest for knoweledge.
I think you should wait and see if you are visited by the maiden and then decide what you think. It’s possible that the Goddess is trying to send you a message. If you feel like it, do research on Wicca and Paganism that should enlighten you more than I have.
I don’t know how old you are but when i was first starting to practice Wicca i was visited by the Triple Goddess as well. I believe it was the Goddess come to reassure me in my decison. Blessed Be and good luck with your dreams.


This is pretty freaky stuff and I’m afraid I don’t have a helpful answer for you. I would tend to agree with wrathpuppet’s comments. It sounds like there is more going on here than maybe even your consious mind realizes. The brain is amazingly powerful and our imaginations are even more so. From your description it is difficult to tell how much of this is waking and how much is dreaming, though I suspect it is mostly the latter.
I obviously don’t know you so I don’t know if you’re taking any medication or if you’ve had any other changes in your diet, sleep patterns or lifestyle. Have you suffered any sort of trauma, physically or emotionally? Any or all of these things could be playing a part here. Without more information, I honestly can’t speculate on what’s causing these dreams/nightmares or visions/visitations or whatever is going on.
Truthfully, I think wrathpuppet’s advice is the most sound on this board. Peaceful sleep is usually taken for granted but it’s really important to one’s overall sense of well-being. I hope you get some relief soon.


i am very sorry but i think you are going to die soon


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