Non-spiritual Atheists: Do you have unlimited faith in humanity?





Or do you have a perfect opinion of your own goodness and ability? Or do you just not care about anything but your own immediate happiness (pleasure)?
Just curious. I’m also an atheist by default but It’s hard for me to comprehend peace of mind without having at least some hope for the future, especially hope for our children.
Why is this the case you ask?:
I don’t think this ruling generation gives our little ones any hope. Therefore, I place my hope in unexpected transformations (paradigm shifts) in people and/or a divine messiah awaiting us even though I suspect there isn’t one. Personally, I hope I’m wrong about there not being one or wrong about people persisting forever in their madness. What about you?
On a further note, the world is not getting better. Our technology and humanity are clearly becoming inversly proportional if you know what I mean.
I am NEVER going to go on a self-righteous quest to “make the world a better place”, the world does not belong to me and I am not good enough to guide people. I have enough self-knowledge to know my own capacity to sin, yes, there is such a thing as sin. Note: It’s not only a Judeo-Christian concept
I am utterly open to divine revelations (non-verifiable evidence) if there is a God up there. If he ever does prove himself to me, you can rest assured I will not preach at you 🙂


  1. Don’t place hope in false messiahs! That’s the problem, my friend.
    Do your part to make the world better. Don’t HOPE that our children will have a better life- MAKE IT BETTER. Messianic religion is truly a hinderance to humanity’s moral advancement.

  2. Do I have faith in humanity? Interesting question.
    Not really.
    I’d like to think that people will wake up and realize this God idea is killing us but do I honestly think that will happen before these idiots destory all human life on earth? NOPE NOT LIKELY!
    I care about a lot of things. That’s why I am in the United States Army. However my main focus when I’m not at my Military post is to myself and my family. That is all I care about. The rest of the world can go straight to hell I really don’t care! Does that sound evil? I hope not but hey so be it.

  3. I am a religious skeptic. I do understand believers, though. Religous belief or no religious belief doesn’t alter the human race. Answering your question: I have little faith in humanity. Everyday it scares me a lot more. Is headed toward some catastrophic destruction sooner or later. I hope I am wrong but I think I am right.

  4. I’ve had to accept that there is a future ahead that is simply out of my hands. It’s kind of like, what’s going to happen…..happens. I can’t steer it in any direction… except the tiny influence I have among my family and friends. Sit back and just enjoy the ride while it lasts. I too suspect there is no more.

  5. Do you have unlimited faith in humanity? No.
    Do you have a perfect opinion of your own goodness and ability? No.
    Do you just not care about anything but your own immediate happiness (pleasure)? No.

  6. I have an extraordinarily high faith in humanity, and it is based on the natural desire to live a happy comfortable life with friends and family. Everyone wants this, and as such we will always work and struggle to have it.

  7. You have a broad understanding of the problems of life without the justifications for yourself and the need to prove your correctness. May you find peace.
    Does this sound like an expanded fortune cookie?

  8. You are worrying too much. We were much closer to disaster through the Cold War and we made it there. Humans act in their own self interest and that includes not destroying everything.

  9. one day we will die and nothing will matter any more, there is no hope, no nothing, every thing will ceace to exist, and we will not be importaint anymore. only death will we know for eternity, so embrace it.

  10. Well, in the big picture, I see your point. However, I can’t give in to despair. I have children and I try to remember those bits of history when a few people created a movement that changed the world for the better. So I get busy, doing small things to help turn the tide. It’s all I can do.

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