Non duality teachings from E Tolle, T. Parsons etc. around the idea that there is no one to be enlightened etc

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What do you think on this.?
How surprising in philosophy section noone seems to have heard of these present living teachers. They have all written numerous bestsellers with hundreds of thousands of followers.
T. Parsons is Tony Parsons who holds monthly meetings in London also

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I detect a glimmer of irony in the fact that you pose the question here. Perhaps if you frame it in terms of who’s going to win Extreme Underwater Celebrity Sandwich Maker Uncut, you’ll get a response.

Jan Stolz

As one personally enlightened, I find it to be bunk.


Eckhart is re-hashing work done at the turn of the century(the last one) – and arguably better – by Gurdjieff and Ousspensky…i think i must be thinking of the wrong Parsons cos i don’t get the link? if you’re thinking of the ‘sociologist’ then i’d go with Mills’ ‘analysis’ –
‘one could tranlate the 555 pages of the Social System into about 150 pages of straightforward English’
-but i think similar things about Ousspensky…this may seem like a paradox but i think non-dualism can be reduced to ‘be you’..actually ‘be’.



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